7 Ways Microsoft Access Maximizes Work Efficiency and Your Bottom Dollar

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It’s a mystery to most. Whenever I recommend Microsoft Access tutorials to friends, family, and clients, the question: “What’s Microsoft Access?”; seems to jump out of the gate faster than a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport demolishing the drag line – 0-60MPH in 2.4 seconds folks!

And when broken down piece by piece, Microsoft Access ultimately is Microsoft Suite’s one-stop-shop data management system; helping users view multiple data formats in one tool.

Indeed, Microsoft Access fails to have a rock star reputation, however, it fits into any business model as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word does. You can say Microsoft Access is the awkward cousin at the family reunion: Rarely do users understand it; rarely do users understand how to approach it.

Below Learn It! Anytime has assembled a list highlighting 7 important ways Microsoft Access benefits every day data hoarders.

Money Talks

Compared to SQL, Microsoft Access is highly affordable. Unlike the $50 000 SQL quote, Microsoft Access already is accessible in Microsoft Office suite. If you need to build more on your Microsoft Access database, your developer will quote you a reasonable $5,000 each project.

Prevent Mistakes

It’s no secret: It’s easy for Microsoft Excel users to fumble; duplicate content; and find inconsistencies. Many users also find it cumbersome entering data into Microsoft Excel’s miniature cells — everybody doesn’t have 20/20 vision you know. With Microsoft Access, users will get to input data with easy-to-use fill out forms. This means each cell of data has its own form in Microsoft Access; giving you an easy-to-use platform for data; dramatically improving consistency.

Speeds Efficiency

Instead of having to move from data sheet to data sheet, Microsoft Access centralizes your data spread; allowing you to view Excel spreadsheets, reports, and other saved formats in one tool. Now, your team will have one master database to share; rendering the same copy of updated information to everyone; saving you a lot of time and the stresses “email tag” bring to the office.

Improves Reporting

Don’t you think a high-quality and visually appealing report looks much better than a lifeless data sheet? I thought so. Microsoft Access gives your data a facelift; giving you the luxury to showcase photos, maps, diagrams, and fill-up white space. If you don’t know how to make a report on Microsoft Access, simply go into the reports menu; click new tab; select the report wizard which will take you to a step-by-step process leading you to a table or query.

Accessible App

Push your Microsoft Access database onto the web and share with your team near or far. Anybody with a web browser can access the Microsoft Access application. But it gets better. The process is made easier with Microsoft 365 with SharePoint online. All users have to do is publish SharePoint online, get into Access’ Backstage, View, and select “Publish to Access Services.” Under Server URL, enter the full address of your online SharePoint server. Enter the credentials to the SharePoint site and you’ll see Access Sync allowing you to display the app’s URL.

Non-Access Users 

You heard that right friends, Microsoft Access is accessible and exportable to non-Access users. If your client or team member doesn’t have the Microsoft Access application, exportable reports are available. To do so select file format “Excel,” “PDF,” “HTML,” and so forth. From the Navigation Pane right click on the report and click “Export.”


Users find Microsoft Access easy to integrate with “outside” data. It’s compatible with other software programs; including accounting software such as QuickBooks. Customer Relationship Management software programs (CRM) and other third-party software programs are also compatible. Microsoft Access also makes it easier for project teams to accurately accumulate data and deliver new content based on data across multiple platforms.


The core benefits of a Microsoft Access database are that it helps users quickly track and report information. Its rich-user interface pleases the eye and also possesses interactive design capabilities. Access has been designed so that just about anyone can learn how to work with databases. Take your business to the next level, and learn how to use this powerful business tool online to maximize efficiency and heighten your bottom dollar.

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