Impressive Illustrations Made With Microsoft Excel

excel art - darth vader
When you think of graphic design and digital illustration, one would expect to hear software programs like: Adobe PhotoShop; Corel; or Quark. Today, that isn’t the case. Here we highlight one of the most unexpected — and under-appreciated illustration canvases in the digital world today — Microsoft Excel. Enjoy!

Mega Man

pixelated mega man art
Chile-based artist, Sakumoti captures famous Capcom hero, Mega Man in his iconic 8-bit silhouette. When Sakumoti isn’t creating Excel digital paintings, she’s managing her own website at Strawberrycyn.

Marvel Vs. Capcom

pixelated digitl art on excel
Capcom first teamed up with Marvel in 1993, releasing arcade game, The Punisher. This lead to a series of Marvel Vs. Capcom video games, all illustrated using 90s aesthetics. US-bred artist donkeykongged pays homage to the popular series with this throwback Excel portrait.


zelda link pixels
Just how detailed can one get with Excel? Digital artist ignite25 shows us exactly how; flaunting this extremely detailed digital portrait of famous Hylian, Link. This is only one of four existing Excel digital paintings created by the Philippines-based artist.

Nyan Cat

digital art pixelated art nyan cat
Nyan Cat is more than a Pop-Tart cat who leaves a rainbow trial in outer space; it was one of 2011’s hottest memes and ranked 5th most popular video watched on YouTube. Despite its absurd premise, digital artist Oscarit07 took the time — after writing a computer exam — to recreate the meme. The California-based artist said he was bored.

Space Invaders

Looks like many of today’s select digital artists act on whim, FlickR member Douglas woke up one day with an urge to draw digital characters on Excel. By fan request, he delivered Mario, Luigi, Dig Dug along with the iconic characters from Space Invaders.


excel art of bionic commando
Canadian-based artist, Serraxor delivers an extensive digital portrait of 1987’s arcade game, Bionic Commando. After Bionic Commando released in arcades, Bionic Commando was published for computer by Go!. When Serraxor isn’t making art he’s making videos; living by the words, ‘If you can’t beat ’em, hit’em harder.’


gundma pixelated art
Here’s a perfect example of how an Excel artist can go above and beyond pixel art. Chilean-based artist, shukei20, illustrates Gundam using Excel. He’s also active on YouTube and showcases both his video and digital art prowess.

Mona Lisa

Of course, there’s always a way to game the system. This pixelated Mona Lisa was generated by plugin, Excel Art, which is downloadable for everyone to use and recreate portraits the easy way…Cheaters. Download the BoyDevlin software and go to town…Cheaters.


Indeed, Microsoft Excel isn’t a digital artist’s go-to illustration program. However, we discover today its ‘suit-and-tie’ cells can be used as isolated pixels; rendering a minimalist canvas. Let’s not forget, Microsoft Excel is also widely used by professionals across all categories; maximizing work productivity and workflow. If you’re looking for self-paced online Excel video tutorials, check out Learn iT! Anytime, our videos are available to everyone and anyone. Until next post!

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