Graphic Designer Transforms Superheriones Into Magazine Cover Models

Mastering Adobe Photoshop and graphic design is incredibly empowering in today’s design-focused digital world. It gives any artist the power to turn hand drawn art — or spontaneous idea — into a viral masterpiece. Take illustrator Stanley Lau for example; rendering a series of illustrations sure to make any DC Comics fan happy; masterminding superheriones as super cover models. Below, Learn iT! Anytime highlights his crème de la crème. Enjoy!

Wonder Woman

Lau transforms the Amazons warrior princess, Wonder Woman, into a ‘Justice Glamour’ cover model; detailing her chiseled jaw, deltoids, biceps and six tight stomach. Her lasso of truth glows gold, as she tosses a seductive quarter smile our way; piercing us with her ice blue eyes. Indeed, crime-fighting has never looked this good.


Next, we have Lau turning Supergirl into a super fashionista with a tinge of the girl-next-door. Being Superman’s cousin, she shares all of his super powers and his weaknesses. She hovers 20, 000 feet above ground with a clutched purse; uncaped, embodying the epitome of a blond bombshell.


Catwoman on cover magazine
Finally, we have Lau’s depiction of Catwoman. Or in this issue, ‘the purrfect woman’; designing an upside down temptress, playfully hanging down from a ceiling chandelier. Originally portrayed as a super villainess, Lau hints that for some men, the perfect woman is the one who gets into trouble from time to time. Does Batman stand a chance? Or is he as head over heels for Catwoman like everyone else?


It’s true. Graphic design gives any artist the freedom to reach millions of people from the comfort of their own living room. Thanks to technical innovations, artists can now push out entire galleries beyond city borders. If you’re an artist looking for graphic design video tutorials, scroll through our courses page; better yet, try it today for one penny!

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