Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Every Graphic Designer Should Know Part 1

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If you’re the type to spend more than 7-plus hours in front of a computer — like most full-time graphic designers — mastering your keyboard becomes only second nature; and memorizing Adobe Photoshop shortcuts become incredibly useful during day-to-day workflow. Below, Learn iT! Anytime highlights part 1 in a 3-part series of Adobe Photoshop shortcut tutorials which we hope you memorize forwards and backwards. Good luck!


Fill a layer

Fill any empty space with your current foreground or background color with this Adobe Photoshop shortcut.

MAC: Alt+Backspace (foreground) or Cmd+Backspace (background)
WINDOWS: Alt+Delete (foreground) or Ctrl+Delete (background)

Merge visible layers

This Adobe Photoshop shortcut will help you merge existing layers in order to create a new one. However, once you merge, it’s bit of a headache to separate afterwards.

MAC: Cmd+Shift+E
WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+E

New layer via copy

Create new layers from your current layer with this command; it’ll render the same image and create new layer.

MAC: Cmd+J

New layer via cut

MAC: Cmd+Shift+J
WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+J
Akin to creating new layer via copy, this Adobe Photoshop shortcut will create new layers with a selected image area in it, and it will delete the selected image portion from the original image.

Bring layer to top of stack

Instead of scrolling all the way down, this Photoshop command lets you move your preferred layer to the top of the stack.

MAC: Cmd+Shift+]
WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+]

Send layer to bottom of stack

No surprises here, this Adobe Photoshop shortcut sends layers to the bottom of the stack — easy as 1, 2, 3.

MAC: Cmd+Shift+[
WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+[

Bring layer forward

This command lets you bring any selected image to the front.

MAC: Cmd+]

Send layer back

Akin to the the ‘Bring layer forward’ command, this Adobe Photoshop shortcut sends your selected layers to the back.
MAC: Cmd+[

Copy multiple layers

This command allows you to draw a selection; taking every layer into the clipping instead of only the current layer selected.

MAC: Shift+Cmd+C
WINDOWS: Shift+Ctrl+C


This Adobe Photoshop shortcut saves any designer from accidental clicks away from a section; helping you instantly reselect and get back to the drawing board.

MAC: Cmd+Shift+D
WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+D

Invert selection

Reverse select your pre-selected image with this command; you’ll be able to extract images easily or simply work around your main focus without losing visuals.

MAC: Cmd+Shift+I
WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+I

Select all layers

This Adobe Photoshop shortcut renders the perfect shortcut for getting everything in sync.

MAC: Cmd+Opt+A


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Congratulations, you now have added twelve amazing Adobe Photoshop shortcuts to your arsenal. If you’re a Photoshop beginner, start by pasting this list above your workspace and familiarize yourself with its functionality. For more extensive self-paced Adobe Photoshop video tutorials, check out our courses page, we offer interactive trials for one penny!

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