Blog Design Tips Every Professional Should Know

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Here’s an interesting blogging fact: for every 60 seconds that pass by, 60-plus new blogs go live; and from the blogs that already do exist, 1,500 new blog posts are published. Competition is stiff. However, don’t fret. Learn It! Anytime offers helpful insider tips on how you can speed up your learning curve, helping you start your blog on the right foot and take it from rags to riches.

KISS Principle

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The KISS principle is echoed throughout marketing and art forums all over the world. It’s an acronym for, ‘Keep it simple, stupid.’ The U.S. Navy coined the KISS principle in 1960. It states that most functional systems are most effective when they are kept simple. Keep your design blog simple and don’t exceed to more than three colors and fonts.

Contrast colors

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Similar to your blog template and design, remember to keep your color scheme simple as well. The most popular blogs out there typically use one main primary color, a shade of grey, and a color for links and call-to-action.

White space

something splendid white space design
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White space is a great way to accentuate images and content. A good use of white space for your design blog is to use white space for borders to highlight key parts of your platform. If you’re looking to let your renderings to stand out, use white space accordingly. It eliminates distraction.

Set goals

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The best blogs on the Internet are the ones that deliver themed content. Like everything in life, you’ll have to ask yourself the right questions to get to where you need to go, so to speak. What is your blog’s purpose? Why is it unique? What community do you want to be a part of? What is your call-to-action? If you want more people to subscribe, tell them with clear and concise icons, headlines, and copy.

Easy navigation

superdream website navigation
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Your blog should never leave the visitor wondering what to do next. Remember to stick to website navigation fundamentals and make it easy for readers to search and find content. Whether you use proper headers, sidebars, social media icons, and search bars, you absolutely must make navigation as easy for your reader as possible.


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comScore’s recent 2013 update reports that 80 percent of mobile users use apps rather than web browsers. Today, there are over 3-million mobile users who surf the web on their mobile. Is your blog responsive to different mobile screens? If you’re running a blog on WordPress, you can search and find free and affordable plug-ins inside your blog dashboard. WP mobile detector is one of the better options to choose from; detecting over 5000 mobile devices.


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In today’s tech savvy professional world, it’s almost mandatory for professionals to have an online platform. Blogs give individuals the ability to showcase skill set and branded persona. If you’re looking to improve your tech skills, or simply want a more interactive lesson on blogging, Learn iT! Anytime offers self-paced WordPress tutorials. Until next post!

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