7 Free Apps Graphic Designers Should Know And Download Today

Like music, type enthusiasts absolutely need to know fonts immediately upon discovery, even when it’s on the go. If you’re a typographer who would like to add a few extra digital type tools to help you search and find font type almost instantly, Learn iT! Anytime highlights 7 free and must-have iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch typography apps you can download today.


If you’re looking for a system that displays all of iPhone system fonts, Fonts is your best bet. Created by AppEngines and free to download through the App Store, graphic designers will have access to the initial font family list, delivering useful tips and info about each one.


Developed by Front, Typecast gives graphic designers the power to experiment with over 23, 000 web fonts. From Typekit, Frontdeck, Google Fonts and more, users will be able to download these options for free.


If you’re looking for a social media network dedicated to type lovers and nothing else, Fontli is your best bet. Users share and comment on typography from everyday life. The free app created by Pramati Technologies integrates with MyFonts database as well.


If you heard of the app Kern, you may want to access its free version, Kern Type. Developed by Mark MacKay, Kern Type works well with iPad and looks stunning on retina display. It’s free and all you have to do is drag letters to place and wait for the website to review.


If you ever run into a must-know font in your day-to-day, WhatTheFont acts as a translator tool. The free font tool developed by MyFonts help users snap a photo and identify chosen fonts. Keep in mind, it doesn’t work all the time but when it does — it’s gold.


With new technology comes new trendsetting fonts. Typefaces is a free typography app created by Kanotomo which allows mobile users identify the fonts installed on a native device. It’s available to download on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Font Browser

Font Browser is another helpful font translator that helps graphic designers discover important specs of any font. Developed by Leptonic Systems this free graphic design app is a reliable freebie for browsing Unicode fonts and keystrokes. Symbols can be found by type, saving users a lot of time.


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And there you have it folks, Learn iT! Anytimne’s top 7 free apps for the typographer. If you’re a type enthusiast looking to improve your skills, we recommend for you to check out our graphic design video tutorials. For more information on self-paced online software tutorials, visit Learn iT! Anytime, anytime. Until next post!

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