These Logos Represent The Top Five Ranked Websites In The World

all seeing eye2 What makes a good logo? Is it color? Simplicity? Relevance? Creativity? Indeed, iconography has always played an important role in human history. From the Eye of Horus to the Star of David to the Cross to the Crescent Moon — all popular symbols and logos paraded throughout time — now, we stop and take a look at the most popular logos in today’s digital-savvy world. Below, we highlight the five most viewed logos on the Internet taken from the world’s highest ranking and most popular websites.


google-original-logoDesigned by Ruth Kedar in 1999, Google uses an old style serif typeface, Catual, created by Gustav Jaeger. Google is the world’s most popular website and is known to re-design its logo almost everyday as seen in Google doodles.


facebook-logoFacebook is the world’s most popular social network to date. The Facebook logo features a slightly modified form of the Klavika Bold typeface. The blue background and white font color of its logo signifies zeal and passion of the youth that formed its network.


youtube-logoCreated by former PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steven Chen in 2005, YouTube is the most popular video sharing website on the Internet. The logo captures a bold Helvetica typeface in white font enclosed in a red square tube. Google bought YouTube for 1.65-million dollars in 2006.


yahoo-logoDid you know? ‘Yahoo’ and its logo is an acronym for, “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.” Yahoo was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994 attracting 700-million visitors a month. Yahoo! uses a typeface that stems from a T.26 font titled Able.


Baidu-logoBaidu consistently brushes shoulders with the Internet’s elite websites; providing public web services headquartered in the Baidu Campus in Haidian District of Beijing. According to the founders of the company, the inspiration for the name came from an ancient poem written by a poet during the Song Dynasty more than 800 years ago. The literal translation of Baidu is ‘hundreds of times’ and its logo is said to represent persistence in the search for perfection.


branding Finding the right logo helps you embed a promise with your target audience. It’s incredibly important to make sure that your logo is memorable, clear and describable, effective without color, scalable, and relevant. Like the logos above, it needs to accurately inform your audience your story and what you promise to offer them with one glance. Until next post.

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