5 Must-Try Data Visualization Tools

data visualizationWhat is data visualization? According to Friedman, the “main goal of data visualization is to communicate information clearly and effectively through graphical means.” Below, Learn iT! Anytime highlights 5 tools known to help data junkies turn word-heavy information sets into visual data masterpieces.


icharts-logo Easy to use and free, iCharts is a cloud-based solutions service for interactive chart creation and social sharing. It connects consumers to industry insights and enables the free flow of visual data among data owners, media, businesses, and consumers. iCharts charting tool enables companies and individuals to brand, market, and share data as a chart.


rapheal-jsMeet Raphaël, a small JavaScript library that uses the SVG W3C recommendation and VML as a base for creating graphics. It helps users create stunning charts for online audiences. Bare in mind, Raphaël is more hands on when compared to other visualization tools and may require basic coding knowledge.

Google Charts

googlechartGoogle charts creates visual graphical representations from simple line charts to complex hierarchical tree maps. Users will have the luxury to choose from a free and large number of ready-to-use chart templates. Many online users testify that this is the most friendly data visualization tool online.


leaflet-logoLeaflet is a JavaScript web mapping framework that creates mobile-friendly interactive maps. Its smooth animation, simple API, and documentations make it among the favorite web mapping tools amongst diverse web users. Leaflet is compatible with both desktops and mobile platforms and was designed by Vladimir Agafonkin.


visual-lyVisual.ly has gained widespread notoriety in the blogging world as a go-to tool for infographic generation. Users who love Visual.ly love to create simple yet high-quality infographics for the web. It offers a set of free infographic tools along with simple toolsets for creating amazing data representations; including a platform to share your content.


Data visualization tools go beyond spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. If you’re looking for new ways to render units of information in a more visual way, we recommend the five data visualization tools above. Until next post!

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