10 World Famous Brand Logos Recreated

Fuelled by creativity, smart brand designers understand the power of a logo.

Company giants such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple and Ikea have the superior branding power to reach the farthest corners of the planet.

But sometimes like-minded designers just want to let loose and have a little fun, adding their very own satirical twist to an already established brand.

Learn iT! Anytime has selected 10 brilliant re-creations that we think challenge the most iconic logos!













A part of Maentis’s ‘universal unbranding’ body of work, we have a re-imagination of the Olympics logo. With all the controversy over the years, a poke at the drug issue in sport is definitely an issue, and with Sochi just around the corner the recreated logo serves as a reminder the Olympics needs to work on their image.

Red Bull













Red Bull falls to its knees in this historical mash-up where man kills the roaming bison for sport.  Indeed, hunting is glorified. Red Bull meets Red Bison.













Created by designer Yakushev Grigory in a series he calls ‘Angry Brands’ ; Yakushev Grigory blends mobile game characters from Angry Birds into popular brands. The revamped Angry Brand suits the iconic sporting company, Adidas, matching its no pain, no gain image.













Inspired by the zombie apocalypse, designer Ben Fellowes from the UK has managed to invoke a frightful edge to redesigned brands of the post apocalypse era. The crafty artist did brilliantly dropping the ‘S’ and integrating a wandering zombie within the shell.














Ahhh…The famous French alligator behind Lacoste has been wittingly transformed into a leather green purse! Oh how PETA would be peeved from all the leather coming from this fancy French classic.











Another from Fellowes’s zombie collection, FedEx gets hit by a zombie take-over transforming its speedy shipping into a fast food feast!












Another beauty from Grigory’s Angry Brands collection, the one-eyed Pepsi bird doesn’t look happy from taking a hit; perhaps an illegal blow from one of its major competitors…Coca Cola we’re looking your way…

United Nations












Replacing the world with a knife-wielding baby says it all. Thank god for the UN, but when it comes to the super powers that be, they’re definitely under-matched and often helpless. This recreation leaves us wondering if the world will every give peace another chance.










For those who adore superheroes, this logo Avenger-inspired recreation by TheGeekerie designs the classic Mini into an Avenger favorite:  the one-and-only mighty Thor.
















One of the best from Maentis, the well-thought out Ikea logo becomes your very own do-it-yourself home décor; a piece you can build and hang up yourself.  Genius!


And there you have it folks! 10 recreated designs made to inspire imagination and creativity. If you think we’ve missed out on any recreations or if you wish to share one of your own, let us know in the comments below.  Until next post!

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