eLearning Infographic: The Evolution Of The Classroom

With all the excitement over smartphones, tablets, virtual rooms and virtual reality we also uncover a disruptive cloud creeping over the ever-so-regulatory post-secondary sector. Here we find a large portion of would-be-post-secondary students opting for the more affordable self-paced eLearning tutorials and online courses. Reports show the eLearning industry is expected to reach an evaluation of $49.9-billion by the end of this year.

Who or what are the major shift-disturbers spearheading this revolutionary movement? The usual suspects: big data; API’s; HTML5; and even wearable tech, to just to name a few. These are the innovations leading us straight into a new educational model, an “upgrade” for all ages.

Below, Learn iT! Anytime highlights an intriguing infographic by Brandman University that illustrates hard-hitting facts about the eLearning industry and how it’s changing the educational system as we know it. Enjoy!

elearning infographic

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