Excel 2013 Training

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Who it's for:  Office workers, business people, teachers, support staff, and anyone who wants to use the computer to track, figure out, and report information.

What it is:  Excel is the world’s most popular spreadsheet program. Millions of people use it to track, store, arrange and calculate data.

What you'll learn:  Our Excel course is designed for beginners and advanced users alike. Students learn how to easily work with data and use Excel’s hidden features. You’ll learn about spreadsheet design, manipulating data, and about how to utilize the world’s most popular business tool.  

Excel 2013 Beginner

MODULE 1: Essentials & Intro to Formulas and Functions MODULE 2: Formatting, Spreadsheet Design, Page Setup & Printing
  • Introduction and the Ribbon
  • Interactive Guides
  • Navigating
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Formulas
  • Saving Files
  • Functions
  • Continued Formula
  • Troubleshooting Issues
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Fill Handle
  • Copying and Pasting
  • Autofill Series, Formatting & styles
  • Styles and Themes
  • Templates
  • Working with Worksheets
  • Copying Entire Worksheets
  • Custom Views
  • Spell Check in Excel
  • Working with Large Worksheets
  • Split Screen
  • Printing
  • Page Layout View
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Excel 2013 Intermediate

MODULE 3: List/Table Essentials & Charting MODULE 4: Importing Data, Pivot Tables, Protecting & Linking Data
  • Flash Fill
  • Well Defined List
  • Sorting
  • Sort By Then
  • Formatting
  • Format as Table
  • Filtering
  • Multi-Field Filtering
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Inserting Automatic SubTotals
  • Column and Line Charts
  • Pie Chart
  • Formatting Charts
  • Chart Templates
  • Recommended Charts/Quick Analysis Tool
  • Printing Charts
  • Sparklines
  • Review
  • Importing Data from Sources
  • Importing Database File
  • Pivot Tables
  • Custom Pivot Tables
  • Advanced Pivot Tables
  • Pivot Table Exercise
  • Formatting Pivot Tables
  • Slicer Tool
  • Pivot Charts
  • Filtering Charts
  • Data Validation
  • Rules
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Advanced Conditional Formatting
  • Manage Rules of Conditional Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting: Data Validation
  • Protecting Worksheets
  • Comments
  • Printing Comments
  • Linking Data Between Worksheets
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Excel 2013 Advanced

Module 5: Creating Forms Module 6: Creating Reports
  • Named Ranges
  • Logical Functions
  • IF Functions
  • Nested Functions
  • LOOKUP Functions
  • Database Function SUMIF
  • Database Function AVERAGEIF
  • Database Function SUMIF's
  • IFERROR Functions
  • VLOOKUP Range
  • Date Functions
  • Consolidate Data
  • Consolidate With Different Layouts
  • Introduction to Goal Seek Tool
  • Goal Seek Tool
  • Installing Solver Tool Add In
  • Solver Basic Sheet
  • The Solver Tool
  • PMT Data Table Worksheet
  • Data Table Command
  • Two Variable Data Table
  • Scenario Manager
  • Adding Developers Tab
  • Recording a Macro
  • Running Your Macro
  • Recording Macros with Relative References
  • Record a Formatting Macro
  • Better Formatting Macro
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