Windows 8: New Features, Tips, and Tricks

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Who it's for:  If you have a new computer running Windows 8, this course is for you.

What it is:  Windows 8 is Microsoft’s innovative operating system. It features many differences from its predecessors. The main idea behind Windows 8 is that it keeps the look the same across desktops, tablets, and phones.

What you'll learn:  Explore the look and functionality of the Windows 8 interface; learn interesting tricks and all of the special features highlighted in touchscreen-orientated tables along with traditional PC’s. 

Windows 8

MODULE 1: Introduction

MODULE 2: Closer Look

  • Windows 8 Introduction
  • Tiles and Apps
  • Add Apps to Start Screen
  • Live Tiles
  • Touchscreen
  • Windows 7 Desktop
  • Connecting USB Devices
  • Windows Snap
  • Windows Shake
  • Documents Library
  • Charms Searching
  • Jump Lists and Skydrive
  • Computer Management
  • Internet Explorer Version 10
  • Wrap Up
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Windows 8.1 Update

MODULE 3: New Features
  • Start Titles
  • The Desktop App
  • The File Explorer
  • The Start Screen
  • Where's the Start-button
  • Customize Start Screen
  • Customize The Start Background
  • The Desktop App
  • Start with All Apps screen
  • Start at Desktop
  • Search from Start screen
  • Add web searching
  • Windows Defender
  • Quiet Time
  • Removed features
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Switch to desktop IE
  • Touch Screen in IE
  • Add toolbars to IE 11
  • Test Do Not Track
  • Add website to Apps
  • Shutting down
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