Office 2013 Training – New Features, Tips and Tricks

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Who it's for:  Everyone who upgrades to Office 2013!

What it is:  These quick videos teach you all the new and useful features of Microsoft Office 2013. Explore the innovative look and feel of Microsoft’s Office 2013. These videos go over the basic layout and new features of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

What you'll learn:  In 2013, MS Office went through some major changes in looks, usability, formatting, and features. We highlight those changes here!

MS Office 2013 New Features

MODULE 1: Introduction PowerPoint MODULE 2: PowerPoint Extended and into Word
  • Creating A Microsoft Account
  • Installing Office 2013
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Comparing The PowerPoint Interface
  • Touch Mode
  • 2013 vs. 2010 Ribbons
  • Office 2013 Backgrounds
  • New Layouts
  • Drawing & Merging Shapes
  • Combine More Shapes
  • Wide Screen & Standard Size Slides
  • Continue from last working slide
  • Show The Theme Name
  • Charts & Numbers
  • Adding Chart Elements
  • Comparing Charts in PPT 2013 & 2010
  • More Ways To Add Chart Elements
  • Edit Chart Numbers
  • Saving To The Cloud
  • Surf The Sky(Drive)
  • Use The PowerPoint Web App
  • Animating Bullets
  • Presenter View
  • What About The Other Programs?
  • Word 2013
  • Simple Mark Ups
  • Insert Online Videos
  • Edit PDF Files In Word
  • Pick Up Where You Left Off
  • All Clip Art Is Online
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MS Office 2013 New Features

MODULE 3: Excel & Outlook
  • How To Turn Off The Start Screen
  • Flash Fill In Excel 2013
  • Quick Analysis Tools
  • Recommended Charts
  • Excel's Touch Mode And Full Screen View
  • Page Layout View
  • Setting Up Hotmail in Outlook 2013
  • Social Networking
  • Add Appointments And New Contacts
  • To-Do Bar and New Tasks
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