Excel 2013 Power BI

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Who it's for: This video series is aimed at Excel Power Users who are looking to make intelligent business decisions based on data gathered, analyzed and presented through Excel.

What it is: This video series on Excel Power BI will introduce you to four Microsoft Excel Add-Ins that will assist you in gathering, analyzing and presenting data.  

What you'll learn: There are three essential steps in making intelligent business decisions. First, you'll need to gather the data. Second, you'll then need to analyze that data. And third, you'll then need to create visualized reports based on that data for presenting.

This video series will walk you through using four Excel Add-Ins specific to accomplishing these three steps. You'll experience using Excel Power Query to gather data from outside sources. Using Excel Power Query you will also begin to analyze and transform that data. Once the data is gathered and transformed you'll then experience the power of Excels PowerPivot to further analyze the data through relationships. And finally you'll dive into creating visualizations through Excels Power Map and Power View. 

Excel 2013 Power BI

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  • Introduction
  • What is Excel Power BI?
  • PowerPivot and Power View Add-Ins
  • Install Power Map and Power Query
  • Using Power Query
  • Power Query Append
  • Power Query Merge
  • PowerPivot
  • PowerPivot Calculation
  • Power Map Visualization
  • Power View Dashboard
  • PowerPivot KPI
  • Power BI Online

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