Excel 2016 Power User

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Who it's for:  This course was built from the ground up for the advanced users and those in search of more than typical Excel tools and processes. Attendees of this course are recommended to have completed our Excel 2016 training, or at a minimum already be proficient in the skills referenced in those courses.

What it is:  The Excel Power User course expands on the idea that the tools by themselves are only part of the equation. To say that you’re capable of solving a problem is enough for most users, but participants in this course aren’t most users. The desire to learn and invest time in building resources that solve problems faster and with less effort is a key quality of the power user and something the course maintains a heavy focus on.

What you'll learn:  In this series, students will learn how to intermix tools in Excel to accomplish time-intensive tasks. Students will learn to develop a deeper understanding of data mining tools like VLOOKUP, as well as more advanced solutions like the INDEX, MATCH, and OFFSET functions. Throughout the course, users will learn how to expedite data analysis through dynamic ranges and how to push Excel to the edges of what’s possible out of the box with new perspectives on how to think their way through challenging problems.

Excel 2016 Power User Beginner

Part 1 Part 2
  • Range Lookup
  • Autofilling Lookup
  • Defining Names
  • Using Named Ranges to Retrieve Data
  • INDEX & MATCH - Part 1
  • INDEX & MATCH - Part 2
  • INDEX & MATCH - Review
  • Introduction to Array Formula
  • Array Formula
  • Array Function
  • Dynamic Named Ranges (Offset)
  • OFFSET Function
  • Name Manager
  • Basic Conditional Formatting
  • Building New Rules and Troubleshooting
  • Expanding Conditional Formatting Fields
  • Text Search Conditional Formatting
  • Data Validating Conditional Formatting
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Excel 2016 Power User Advanced

Part 1 Part 2
  • Introduction to Dynamic Range Charts
  • Dynamic Range Chart Data
  • Defining Dynamic Named Ranges
  • Defining Dynamic Legend Entries
  • Defining Dynamic Category Labels
  • Dynamic Offset
  • Updating Dynamic Named Ranges
  • Enabling the Developer Tab
  • Inserting Spinner Buttons
  • Linking Spinner Buttons
  • Outside Formulas in Pivot Tables
  • Calculated Fields
  • Calculated Items
  • Removing Calculated Fields and Items
  • Grouping Pivot Items
  • Showing Values As
  • Importing Web Data
  • Recording Macros
  • Running Macros and Selecting Fields of Data
  • Editing VBA Code
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