Office 2016 New Features

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Who it's for:  Office 2016 adopters and users curious to see if it's worth upgrading.

What it is:  In a series of bite-sized and easy-to-follow videos, become familiar with the newest additions to the Microsoft Office Productivity Suite. These videos provide an up-close and detailed look at what makes the latest editions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint the most advanced versions yet. 

What you'll learn:  Learn how to effectively utilize the "Tell Me" bar to find the exact tools you need, right when you need them. See the future of online research without ever leaving the program, using Smart Lookup. All this coupled with a detailed review of the recent user interface changes means you'll be an expert with these new versions in no time at all.

MS Office 2016 New Features

Excel 2016 New Features

PowerPoint 2016 New Features

  • Themes
  • Forecasts
  • Waterfalls
  • New Queries
  • Pivot Table Slicer Grouping
  • Pivot Table Field List Search
  • Smart Lookup
  • Ink Equation
  • Themes
  • Tell Me
  • Smart Lookup
  • Sharing
  • Charts
  • Screen Recording
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Word 2016 New Features

  • Themes
  • Smart Lookup
  • Ink Equation
  • Real Time Co-authoring
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