PowerPoint Training

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Who it's for:  Anyone who works in the business world. PowerPoint is one of those “expected to know” programs.

What it is:  PowerPoint is the number one software for building and editing visual presentations. Microsoft's business presentation application PowerPoint simplifies the creation of on-screen slides, speaker's notes, audience handouts, and an outline—all in a single presentation file.

What you'll learn:  Beginners will learn how to create, modify, and edit presentations. Advanced users will unleash the full power of PowerPoint and learn all of the “How do they do that?!” techniques, as well as slide master templates, advanced animation, and many hidden tips, tricks, and tools.

Powerpoint Beginner

MODULE 1: PowerPoint Essentials, Working with ClipArt and WordArt MODULE 2: Working with Drawing Shapes & Pictures, Transitions, Animations & Printing
  • Course Topics
  • The File Tab
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • PowerPoint Views
  • Creating New Presentations
  • Inserting New Slides
  • Adding & Formatting Text
  • Adding Bulleted Lists
  • Saving a Presentation
  • Adding Text Boxes
  • Adding ClipArt
  • Modifying ClipArt
  • Applying WordArt
  • Introduction
  • Course Topics
  • Inserting AutoShapes
  • Formatting AutoShapes
  • Grouping AutoShapes
  • Layering AutoShapes
  • Inserting Pictures
  • Inserting Screenshots
  • Slide Transitions
  • Applying Animation
  • Running a Slide Show
  • Speaker Notes
  • Printing
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Powerpoint Advanced

MODULE 3: Working with Templates, Master Slides, Charts, Graphs & Other Objects MODULE 4: Additional Slideshow Options, Creating Interactive Presentations
  • Course Topics
  • Creating SmartArt
  • Convert Text to SmartArt
  • SmartArt without Placeholder
  • Animating SmartArt
  • Creating Data Charts
  • Customize Backgrounds
  • Working with Slide Masters
  • Creating Slide Layouts
  • Headers and Footers
  • Creating Templates
  • Importing from Word
  • Course Topics
  • Advanced Animation
  • Animation Painter
  • Rehearsed Timings
  • Creating a Photo Album
  • Inserting Sound
  • Inserting Video
  • Editing Video
  • Insert Video from Web
  • Using the Pen Tools
  • Custom Slide Shows
  • Save as Slide Show
  • Handouts in Word Format
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Saving in Other Formats
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