Visio 2013

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Who it's for:   Visio is used by professionals who document and plan complicated processes. These include IT professionals, programmers, database developers, engineers, and other people who have a vision to map out. Visio contains many features that make it easier to document complex processes, and is considered essential by those who know that 1-hour of planning in the beginning can save days of work later on.

What it is:  Visio is used to diagram complicated processes, flowcharts, software, and organizational charts. On a basic level, Visio visually connects ideas into a flowchart form. Visio has extensive applications in project management, marketing, quality assurance, strategic planning, or human resources, and is the industry standard business drawing tool.

What you'll learn:   During this course, participants will learn to create graphical diagrams, timelines, office layout plans, workflow diagrams, organizational charts, maps, flowcharts and more.


Module 1: Introduction to Visio & Connecting Shapes Module 2: Create Complex Shapes, Templates, Stencils & Styles
  • Topics and Introduction
  • Visio Start Screen
  • Exploring Visio Templates
  • Use Smartshapes
  • Drawing Page Tabs
  • Stencils For Quickshapes
  • Add Shapes with Mini-Toolbar
  • Modify and Add Text to Shapes
  • Connect Shapes
  • Align and Space Automatically
  • Create Hyperlinks
  • Module 2 Intro
  • Creating Open and Closed Shapes
  • Modify Group and Combine Shapes
  • Use Scaling and Layers
  • Area for Frequent Used Shapes
  • Using Containers
  • Create Stencils
  • Duplicate Pages
  • Linking Data to Shapes From External
  • Save Templates
  • Define Styles For Text Line And Fill

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