Skype For Business

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Who it's for: Individuals at any-sized company who are seeking an affordable one stop shop solution to connect with internal or external persons.

What it is: An all-in-one, enterprise-based communication and collaboration platform. Streamline conversations with instant messaging (IM) or audio/video conferencing and schedule online meetings with control and security.  

What you'll learn: You’ll learn how to best work with colleagues or external partners to increase day-to-day relations and business productivity. Meet now to start a conversation, begin an audio or video conference, or interact with Microsoft Office apps to calendar a meet-up at a later time! 

  • Introduction
  • Locating the Application
  • Signing In
  • User Interface - Part 1
  • User Interface - Part 2
  • Auto Status
  • Contacts - Overview
  • Contacts - Adding a Contact
  • Creating a Group
  • Adding Contacts Into a Group
  • Starting an Instant Message Conversation
  • Setting up a Meeting (Video Call)
  • Conclusion
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