Word 2016 (Office 365)

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Who it's for:  Word is for anyone who writes. It’s used by students, CEO’s, and everyone in between.

What it is:  Microsoft Word is THE word processor.

What you'll learn:  Beginners will learn the kind of basics that all computer users should know. If you already work with Microsoft Word, this course also offers a deeper look at the features and functionality of the program.

Word 2016 Beginner

Part 1 Part 2
  • Introduction
  • QA Toolbar
  • The Ribbon
  • Backstage View and Status Bar
  • Entering Text
  • Saving Into New Folders
  • Showing Pilcrows and Opening Files
  • Save As
  • Navigating and Selecting
  • Editing, Saving, Closing, and Resuming
  • Formatting Paragraphs
  • Cutting, Copying, and Pasting
  • Numbering and Bullets
  • Document Themes
  • Page Breaks
  • Margins
  • Section Breaks
  • Separate Headers for Separate Sections
  • Footers
  • Saving Footers for Later
  • Inserting Cover Pages
  • Proofing Tools - Part 1
  • Proofing Tools - Part 2
  • Find and Replace
  • Using Built-In Templates
  • Creating Templates
  • Sending Documents by Email
  • Printing Documents
  • Printing Envelopes
  • Printing Mailing Labels
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Word 2016 Intermediate

Part 1 Part 2
  • Introduction
  • Tab Stops via Ruler
  • Tab Stops via Dialog Launcher
  • Converting Tabs to Tables
  • Creating New Tables
  • Formatting Tables
  • Sorting Tables
  • Calculating in Tables
  • Paragraph Styles
  • Applying Paragraph Styles
  • Character and Linked Styles
  • Modifying or Deleting Styles
  • Using the Navigation Pane to Outline Documents
  • Formatting Pictures
  • Using Pictures from Bing
  • Wrapping Words Around Pictures
  • WordArt
  • Picture Tools and Shapes
  • Inserting Audio Files
  • Inserting Video Files
  • Inserting Online Videos
  • Inserting Equations
  • Preparing Data Sources for Mail Merge
  • Preparing the Boilerplate Document for Mail Merge
  • Starting the Mail Merge Wizard
  • Completing the Form Letter
  • Creating Individual Mailing Labels
  • Adding Clip Art to Your Labels
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Word 2016 Advanced

Part 1 Part 2
  • Introduction
  • Creating Forms
  • More Content Controls
  • Testing Interactive Forms
  • Protecting Forms
  • Highlights and Comments
  • Making Tracked Changes
  • Reviewing Changes
  • Combining Multiple Versions of a Document
  • Inserting a Table of Contents
  • Customizing a Table of Contents
  • Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Citations
  • Bibliographies
  • Adding an Index
  • Recording FixPhone Macros
  • Running FixPhone Macros
  • Recording and Running MySignature Macros
  • Creating Macro-Enabled Documents
  • Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts While Recording Macros
  • Adding Macro Buttons to the QA Toolbar
  • Customizing the Ribbon
  • Renaming Command Buttons
  • Removing Macros
  • Creating Bookmarks
  • Hyperlinks
  • Saving as Web Pages
  • Playing TicTacToe
  • Saving as PDF
  • Editing PDF Files
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