Top 21 Internet Tools on the Internet Today

picture of internet tools white Looking for the best Internet tools online to have a leg up on the competition? When used properly, any Internet novice can translate a C+ educational background into an A+ web portfolio. But, it ain’t all koombayya sing-a-longs and beach bumming. Are you willing to do the research? Well, looks like you’re half way there friend. Below, we have assembled a top 21 list of Internet tools for you to apply and get to the next level.


Free and works almost identically to Microsoft Office Suite, OpenOffice allows you to write documents, make spreadsheets, create presentations and more. You’ll also have the option to save files as Microsoft documents and other popular formats.

Google Search

Google is the gatekeeper to the World Wide Web and the keyholder to all the answers to your questions. Type keywords and find the best answer possible. There’s a reason why it’s ranked the number one website in the world, you know.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an easy way to drag-and-store all of your documents onto a Google account. You can view documents anytime and anywhere with internet access. If you’re running an online business with multiple employees, use Google Drive to share documents and pass information.


A free-to-use blogging platform. Create your own domain and have a website running in minutes. WordPress is arguably the go-to blogging website used by millions of businesses online. It’s free and available on Linux, PC, and MAC.


Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to create amazing presentations. Here, you can embed videos, insert slides, and create amazing content with style.


The world’s most popular social media website has over a billion users. It’s popular social network also carries great educational applications users may find helpful.


The world’s most popular slide sharing tool used by the world’s most popular web publishers. Create slide presentations from anywhere and embed them wherever and whenever you want for everyone to see.


A social media site that gives users the luxury to save and annotate favorite content in one spot; and of course, share discoveries with like minds.


Create and use interactive posters with ease. Insert multiple photos, embed videos, and view them in one interactive template.


Beam presentations to anyone in the world. Choose your mic, comment on images and websites and send them over to your friends, students, or teachers.


Similar to written threads in forums, VoiceThread creates voice driven group discussions online. Post a lesson or project and recreate group discussions with ease.


Instantly create screen casts with a push of a button. Click record and produce web-based commentary screen casts. Post them up and send them to your classmates, friends, or family.


If you have an iPhone or iPad, you’ll want to find internet tools in application form. With iOS you’ll be able to absorb content on-the-go as you would on a desktop.

Poll Everywhere

Create polls anytime you want in real-time. Replace expensive hardware with good old fashion web technology. Social media coordinators love this one.


Create Microsoft Excel spreadsheets on any whim. Input, store and manage spreadsheet data like a boss with Mircrosoft excel.

Publish all of the content you find online like a newspaper. Drag and drop your favorite stories and publish it how the New York Times would: Easy.


Build a learning playlist and have the luxury to catch up on tutorials or lessons anytime you want.


This is like having Wikipedia, Yahoo! Answers and Facebook all in one page. Here you’ll find an amazing community who offers great answers to all questions and vice versa.


Use Instapaper to save notes and content from various websites to read later. To help you read lessons later, save it on Instapaper.

TED Talks/Ed

Eaves drop and learn lessons from the world’s most innovative minds. TED Talks/Ed is a great way to stay on top of why today’s realities exist today as well as cutting-edge ideas just about to hit the mainstream.

Learn iT! Anytime

We had to. Learn iT! Anytime offers a wide range of [URL=]online eLearning video tutorials[/URL] ranging from Microsoft Office, iPad use, Adobe Photoshop, Web Design, and more! We’re the people who teach Silicon Valley.


The big difference between the rock star Internet publishers and the busker Internet publishers are online tools. Do you use all of your web applications to the best ability? Do you know where to find real-time content, curate, and publish? Better yet, do you know which websites allow you to do so with maximum efficiency and style? In today’s world, a “complicated process” and A+ website isn’t as hard as it looks. With the right research, online tutorials, keywords and hard work, you should be able to find the best tool for the best price — and on most occasion — that price is FREE. Until next post!

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