SharePoint Advantages Every Enterprise Must Know

sharepoint logo If you’re looking to maximize enterprise efficiency and discover the real potential of your enterprise’s business intelligence, SharePoint might be the answer for you. What is SharePoint? SharePoint is a web application portal created by Microsoft in 2001, engineered to improve and democratize business intelligence; taking valuable information out from the hands of the few, and bring them to the many; empowering an entire enterprise with analytics and information.

Indeed, the faster an enterprise grows, the more difficult it is to leverage business intelligence and collaboration. Yet, today many businesses – who shall remain nameless — opt to use old and inefficient methods of leveraging business intelligence — think of SharePoint as a magnet that attracts all output data into one spot. SharePoint offers huge advantages and below Learn iT! Anytime highlights its top strengths for your enterprise.

Simplifies Collaboration

SharePoint’s multi-lateral features foster a top-tier collaboration environment where team members can easily connect to each other in one central space. Emails, schedules, analytics, and editing platforms are all accessible to everyone as well. Now, the entire enterprise can view updates and suggestions together on one platform; improving the enterprise decision-making process.

Improves Accountability

In today’s contemporary business model, tech talent is scattered in all corners of the globe, and yes, those “sent” emails get lost in limbo. SharePoint renders push notifications just like smartphones or instant messaging, which give project teams the ability to gauge accountability and get answers in real-time. Also, SharePoint offers users digital meeting workspaces where invites can access and gather materials related to upcoming meetings; increasing the speed of flow information.

Boosts Efficiency

SharePoint offers search functionalities. Users will get to apply different search features; including the ability to search within documents across external data sources. SharePoint also offers an internal enterprise blog where team members can share and post valuable information. This is an excellent way to develop ideation and enterprise dialogue.


The most common use for SharePoint in the enterprise is in its ability to develop Intranet portals; content and document management; extranet sites; and Internet sites. It captures and improves business intelligence accessibility for the entire company. Its Microsoft Office interface adds simplicity to the enterprise; giving businesses a leg up on the competition. If you’re looking for interactive SharePoint online video tutorials, checkout Learn iT! Anytime, anytime. Until next post!

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