10 Cool Infographics About Web Design

Did you know? 45% of web users are more likely to click on a link if it shares an infographic? Indeed, web designers and infographics both have revolutionized the way the online world consume data. And, to pay homage to this marriage between creative release and journalistic research, Learn iT! Anytime highlights our favorite 10 infographics on the web about, well, web design. Oh, and remember to click to enlarge, you’ll want to see each one in all its glory. Enjoy!

What Does Your Design Say About You

If you’re in (or planning to join) the web design industry, you understand deciding on the right font and color make a whole world of a difference. The lovely infographic below displays an interesting set of data that transcribes exactly what these design choices reveal about you. Pretty cool, huh?
design infographic

Anatomy of the Web Designer

Ever wonder what goes through the mind of your genius the web designer? Query no more friends, as the infographic below highlights data aggregated from over 500 professional (and reputable) web designers from all over the world; showcasing everything from how web designers quote clients to what they think of both the old and new web design trends and more. Dig in!
web design infographic

History of Adobe Camera

High-quality photos play a large role in overall website beautification. The infographic below pays homage to Adobe Camera; taking us through its evolution process and how it turned into what it is today. Say cheese!
web design infographics

What’s New in CS6?

With every new Adobe Photoshop upgrade comes new Adobe Photoshop tools. Tinker and discover new and more efficient ways to work; from new vector editing, layer searches, background save and auto recovery; the new CS6 infographic below delivers both useful information and visual stimulation.
web design infographics

Paradigm Shift In Design

With the rise of smartphones and tablets, internet consumption is gravitating away from the desk top and onto mobile devices. The Paradigm Shift illustrates a contemporary web designer’s way of thinking before creating a ‘responsive’ project.
web design infographics

Where is Design Today?

How far has web design come? What does a web designer need to know today to remain relevant? How does a web design newbie jump into an ever-changing field? And, which design tools matter most? All of the above questions and more are answered in the infographic below.
web design infographics

A Web Designers Color Emotion Guide

Why do brands spend millions of dollars deciding on trademark colors? Yes, the average Joe walking around in his day-to-day may be oblivious to the lasting impact colors have on his purchasing pattern; however, a well-versed web designer will — at least — should know each primary color’s worth in emotional currency. The color science infographic below highlights popular colors used today along with the famous brands who use them and why.
web design color infographic

7 Must-Have In Good Web Design

Know the fundamentals of web design. This web design infographic covers topics a designer must consider before starting a new project. Questions like: How will you space your content?; What will improve a websites conversion rate?; Where should you put your call-to-action?; Why should you be clear and concise? — all are answered with style.

graphic design infographic

The Evolution of Web Design

Starting from a good-old-fashion web design text book definition to the birth of the Internet straight through the awkward stages of web design and how it has evolved to what we see today, the web design infographic below pays respect to the design industry in see-saw fashion. Yes, it could’ve been designed better but the information is spot on. Enjoy!
evolution of adobe infographic

Infographic About Infographics

Voila! The infographic about the infographic. Discover the thought process behind creating infographics and how the marriage between design and content have propelled the infographic beyond yesteryear’s print pie and graph. From recommended iconography, credible sources, font, color, and more — the infographic about the infographic is a great place to start if you want to make one.
infographic about infographic


If you have a website or running a blog or advocating information dear to your heart, create an infographic and share it with the world. Statistics show infographics deliver a click-through-rate over 40% and also have proven to boost social shares by 33.1%. If you’re looking to learn how to create infographics, try learning web design basics. Learn iT! Anytime offers interactive web design video tutorials at the lowest price point — 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Until next post!

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