Seven Stunning Celebrity Posters Created On PhotoShop

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Out of the hundreds and thousands of digital celebrity renderings re-created by would-be and reputable digital artists in the World Wide Web, Learn iT! Anytime highlights our favorite seven; all celebrated by world renowned illustrating website, DeviantArt. From Elisha Cuthbert to Johnny Depp to Gerard Butler and more, Learn iT! Anytime shares stunning celebrity posters all created on PhotoShop. Enjoy!

Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert digital painting
From Elisha Cuthbert to Tom Cruise to Clint Eastwood, digital artist, movie geek, and “wannabe child,” BikerScout is nothing less than a DeviantArt rock star. His portrait of “the girl next door” took 12-hours to complete; all inspired by a humdrum photo. Tools used? Photoshop CS2, Wacom Intuos3, and tunes from TATW.

Johnny Depp

johnny dep digital portrait
After watching Tim Burton’s, Dark Shadows, Chicago based designer Atebitninja, found inspiration in lead actor Johnny Depp. His print preference? Strictly digital. Admittedly, he voices disappointment in the way certain shapes meshed with others; however, he says it took 30-seconds to finish after wireframe. He used CS6 and the gradient tool. You fancy?

Paris Hilton

paris hilton digital painting poster
Hmmm…Does hand art atrophy after digital? Manila based artist, SoulofDavid, seems to think so. Nevertheless, his love affair with digital art was meant to be. He goes on to say that watching his hand-drawn portraits come to digital, was priceless. He used Photoshop CS6 and Wacom CTE to create Paris Hilton.

Natalie Portman

Spanish illustrator hobbyist Jordi, also known as, Joruji to the online world shows off his Natalie Portman portrait — the first poster he ever entered for contest approval. When Jordi isn’t creating stunning digital paintings, he likes listening to alternative rock (Depeche Mode, Franz Ferdinand, Muse); and given his taste, he probably parties like a rock star as well!

Kate Beckinsale

Indonesian artist eileenirma uses Corel Painter X and Photoshop CS2 to create this lovely digital painting of Kate Beckinsale. Unfortunately, Eileenirma’s emotional state-of-mind during the process was, “tortured” to say the least — recording her struggle through life, finding despair in every corner. Despite walking through some of life’s darkest corners, it is safe to say her passion for digital art acted as a light that sparked up the darkest of corners.

Liv Tyler

You have to be incredibly talented to make the Deviant Deviation, and US-bred artist doormouse1960 knows that. Her reaction alone gives us every reason to highlight her work. Better yet, her journal entries are just as entertaining. Take a look at her portfolio, and tell me that I didn’t tell you so.

Gerard Butler

gerard butler digital poster
UK-based artist, thesoulcanwait, digitizes a painting of our favorite off-duty gladiator, Gerard Butler. The brown-eyed 25-year-old illustrator is currently in her second year studying illustration at NUC, and isn’t afraid to trumpet her passion for collage art. Check out her profile, search and find more material — you won’t regret it.


As they say, art is a reflection of society. Here we find a collective of artists from all over the world, first starting off with the humble pencil; evolving into digital Picasso’s — in a way. If you want to learn how to create digital masterpieces yourself, peruse Learn iT! Anytime, we offer interactive Adobe PhotoShop tutorials at the lowest price point. And perhaps next time, it’ll be your “stunning celebrity poster” featured on our post!

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