Microsoft Excel Art: Tatsuo Horiuchi Creates Mind-Blowing Art With AutoShape Tool

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If you were impressed with our last Microsoft Excel portrait post, pull your socks up for round two: the stunning Microsoft Excel renderings of 73-year-old artist, Tatsuo Horiuchi. Believe it or not, it took Horiuchi 10 years with Microsoft Excel to reach his ‘grandmaster level’ – a painstaking thought for most Adobe Photoshop users.
microsoft japanese excel art by Tatsuo Horiuchi
Many wonder why Horiuchi made such a commitment: Horiuchi states that ‘Microsoft Excel was free and it came with his computer’; knocking down illustration tools such as Photoshop; claiming them to be ‘too expensive.’ Clearly, Horiuchi takes Microsoft Excel portraits to a whole new level. Most would-be digital artists who create Microsoft Excel illustrations create pixels in individual cells — not Horiuchi — his choice of brush is the AutoShape tool where he creates complicated shapes, which he fills in with color.
Tatsuo Horiuchi microsoft excel art
Today, Hourichi’s paintings are sold at local exhibitions in his home town of Sanada, Nagano. If you’re looking for Microsoft Excel tutorials, Learn iT! Anytime offers self-paced Microsoft Excel video training for one penny.
microsoft japanese excel art Tatsuo Horiuchi

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