Infographics About WordPress: 5 Mind-Blowing Examples

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In the spring of 2003, WordPress shook the online world, releasing an open source content management system built to simplify website development and management.

Today, more than 60-million websites use WordPress to run businesses, media sites, and personal profiles.

However, there are still a lot of people wondering how WordPress works, asking questions like: What are the advantages of WordPress over Blogger? What’s the difference between and Who uses WordPress and is it safe? How does one design a WordPress template?

Now if this sounds familiar, we recommend that you peruse through the WordPress infographics below. Enjoy!

WordPress Cheatsheet

basic theme anatomy

This quick WordPress cheat sheet is perfect for beginners. It highlights the most generic and most basic WordPress themes out there today. Clearly, it doesn’t include all the possibilities, however, this simple model when coupled with any tutorial will help you get your WordPress theme development training wheels spinning.

Anatomy of WordPress



The good folks at Yoast render an infographic showcasing how your WordPress platform works. It covers WordPress folders from header.php right on down to footer.php. It’s design is inspired by biology textbooks and graphics found in school textbooks.

The Top-30 WordPress Plugins

Wordpress Most Popular Plugins

If you’re not a webmaster, you’ll soon find out that plugins are WordPress’ hidden gems, offering easy-to-download tools that instantly simplify website maintenance; helping you transform your humdrum blog into a high performing and visually appealing platform. Courtesy of WordPress themes and designed by Kathryn Aragon introduces the top 30 WordPress plugins for you to download and install.

WordPress Usage


From mom and pop bloggers to celebrity websites to Mashable, WordPress is the go-to blogging platform for many. It powers a good part of the Internet’s public websites. The infographic showcases the usage of WordPress among the world’s top 100’000 websites.

WordPress Vs.


Believe it or not, and are two separate platforms, offering two separate services. The main difference between the two is that is the original open source platform, which offers an array of themes for purchase, free to run on any compatible server. is the commercial service that allows users blog for free at The infographic below renders the pros and cons of each.


wordpress stickets and buttons
WordPress’ popularity is undeniable. It’s widely known for delivering easy to use applications, all charged by a highly populated tech community. This sustainable online community also offers useful information, applications, and customer support. Mashable, TechCrunch, Wired, and SmashingMagazine — leading platforms in the online world — all use WordPress for their websites. However, to run a WordPress platform you’ll need to start walking. If you’re looking for self-paced online WordPress video tutorials, visit Learn It! Anytime and try it out for one penny. Until next post!

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