Top 10 Logo Designs In Sports Ever Made

Dallas Cowboys

dallas cowboys logo

Created by designer Jack Eskridge, the former 1960 equipment manager renders Dallas Cowboy’s iconic blue star. Interestingly, the Cowboy star was originally white; however, was switched to blue last minute. Eskridge’s blue star still emerges as one of football’s most prized logos.

Portland Trailblazers

blazers logo red foreground

Portland Trailblazers’ founder Harry Glickman hired cousin Frank Glickman from Boston to design this eye-grabbing Trailblazer logo. Frank went with the pinwheel as a way to illustrate the game of basketball: five players from each team running back and forth against each other. The Trailblazers’ logo is trumpeted today as being one of the most conceptual logos in all of sports.

New York Mets

mets logo

Designed by artist Ray Gatto in 1962, the New York Mets logo aims to represent all of New York. The logo also captures baseball stitches while highlighting the Big Apple skyline and bridge which connects all five boroughs.

St. Louis Blues

st louis blues

If you aren’t a hockey fan it’s easy to mistake the St. Louis Blues’ musical note for the letter ‘F’ or some sort of feather. Either way, the hockey team was named after W.C. Handy’s 1914 song “St. Louis Blues.” Of course, the logo has been modified through the years, however, still maintains its original music-inspired silhouette.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

fighting irish logo

Can you believe cartoonist Theodore Drake charged $50 for this Notre Dame’s logo? Highway robbery if you asked me. Nevertheless, the fighting figure was created in 1963, the Fighting Irish logo still remains one of the most popular logos in all of American sports.

Quebec Nordiques

nordiques retro logo blue and red

Created in 1972, the Quebec Nordiques’ iconic ‘N’ and hockey stick, once represented Canada’s most northern WHL team. After the NHL Nordiques moved to Colorado in 1995, they changed their name to the Avalanche, and dropped their logo, which ultimately turned everything with a Nordiques logo into a hot collectors item.

Chicago Bulls


In 1966, Dean Wessel made only one adjustment to his Chicago Bulls design — he added blood. Indeed, the Chicago Bulls logo turned into gold when Mr. Basketball himself, Michael Jordan, transitioned to Michael ‘AIR’ Jordan, nevertheless it’s one of the most-profitable logos in NBA history. Designer Dean Wessel was compensated with season tickets.

Montreal Canadiens

new montreal canadiens logo

Hailed as one of NHL’s most prized logos, the Montreal Canadiens logo was introduced when George Kennedy and the Canadien Hockey Club bought the hockey club in 1917. The logo consists of a ‘C’ for Canadien and ‘H’ found in the center for ‘Hockey.’ The designer remains unknown.

Oakland Raiders


Created in 1963 by Raiders owner Chet Soda, the Raiders’ famous pirate design was inspired by actor Randolph Scott. Coach Al Davis advised to change its original yellow and black color scheme to silver and black. The iconic Raiders logo was born.

New York Yankees

new york yankees logo

Designed by Louis B. Tiffany, the New York Yankees’ interlocking ‘N’ and ‘Y’ was a design Louis B. Tiffany used for the New York Police Department for John McDowell, the first New York city policemen shot in the line of duty. The New York Highlanders introduced the interlocking NY as their logo in 1909 and eventually was adopted by the Yankees when the team switched over in 1922.


And there you have it folks, our list has come to an end. Keep in mind, during this process we have considered both design, sports team and city history. If you’re looking to get into sports design or looking for self-paced graphic design lessons, check out our list of courses. Until next post!

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