The Coolest Infographics About Superheroes On The Internet Today

If you’re looking for infographics about superheroes, Learn iT! Anytime renders a super list for you to peruse. From minimalist infographics illustrating iconic character detail to finding out which superhero embodies our favorite social media websites to discovering the superpowers in highest demand to uncovering the life expectancy of our favorite characters — we have the best of the best and our favorite superhero infographics on the Internet today below.

Minimalist Superheroes

minimalist-superheros-graphic design-infographic

Aidstraining showcases a minimalist superhero infographic capturing the utmost essential features of our favorite superheroes. From Flash’s iconic lightning bolt to Wolverine’s adamantium claws to Superman’s red cape, this infographic proves simple shapes can justly exhibit extra-ordinary things.

If Social Sites Were Superheroes


Freestyle Interactive imagines what it would be like if the world’s most popular social media websites were transformed into popular comic book heroes. Here we have a list of clever adaptations; Facebook as The Hulk, SpiderMan as Twitter, The Thing as LinkedIn, and more.

Marvel’s Most Popular Superheroes

Marvel-Infographic-most-popular superheroes

Networked Insights interestingly collected real-time data of superheroes who have resonated most with the US population. It lists crowd favorite Avengers, mutants, and villains. The infographic also delivers data that lists the locations of where social Marvel fans are most likely to settle.

New York City Superheroes


According to Marvel Comics, New York city is the most superhero-dense populated city in the world. The infographic designed by DORKLY offers a quick map that pinpoints particular neighborhoods housing superheroes; including Marvel headquarters, useful to both common citizens and onlooking criminals.

Omnibus to Superheroes

infographic about superheroes - super powers

If you think in shapes, then you’re going to love this superhero omnibus. The omnibus outlines the most popular superheros in a web pattern, connecting heroes and villains with their particular superpowers and special talents. From animal-like super senses to witchcraft to telepathy and more the infographic created by the American League of Chartography does an immaculate job illustrating it all.

Superpowers Infographic


If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Super strength? Super speed? Super flexibility? And it’s okay if you can’t decide at the drop of a hat, DC Comics creates an infographic that highlights the most popular superpowers out of the bunch today giving you a few extra super moments to reflect.

Superhero Life Expectancy

superhero-infographic-life expectancy

Superheroes come in all shapes, sizes, and life forms: From being a flawed heavy-drinking billionaire playboy; to being products of freak science experiments; to being re-incarnated other-world entities — we have our personal favorites. But, with all the power and responsibility, one wonders how much time our favorite superheroes have left. The infographic created by Life Quotes 4 U answers the life expectancy of our favorite superheroes.


marvel vs dc
And there you have it folks, the best collection of infographics about superheroes on the Internet today. Many websites and designers have found enormous success by designing their own infographics, as infographics have proven to drive ‘super traffic.’ If you’re looking for the easiest and most cost-effective way to learn how to create your own infographics, check out our online adobe photoshop tutorials, and learn how to design anytime. Until next post!

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