Must-Know Tips On How To Start A WordPress Blog The Right Way

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If you’re ready to start your WordPress blog but don’t know how, Learn iT! Anytime ushers forward must-know tips before signing up short sighted. Below, we offer an easy-to-follow WordPress tutorial along with tips from top tier teachers geared to give you a head start. Good luck!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open sourced Internet software blogging tool that allows anyone to start their own web logs [blogs], while also offering users additional paid-for opportunities that helped online users easily create unique websites: eStores; media websites; and more. The content management system [CMS] is based on PHP and MySQL and runs on a server, which gives users an easy way to create and publish content with very little technical background. Today, WordPress is the number one blogging software used by over 60-million websites.

WordPress.COM Vs. WordPress.ORG

WordPress.ORG is the open source software that started the WordPress brand. It is a software that users can download and install on personal servers. WordPress.ORG also gives users complete control; meaning, that computer savvy users can change its template or default settings like color, add new options or remove items on any whim.

If you don’t own a website, we recommend users opt for WordPress.COM.

WordPress.COM is a lot easier to set up. It’s free and you don’t need to own a server to get started.

You’ll also find other offers and other additional options available as you go along. WordPress.COM offers default functions of a regular WordPress like: blogging; commenting; uploading and downloading media.

Tips On How To Register For WordPress.COM

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Today, we’ll assume you want to sign up for the free blogging platform at WordPress.COM. After visiting the WordPress.COM homepage and agreeing to register, you’ll find the open field seen above. It is incredibly important that you pick the right WordPress domain name from the start.

When deciding on a domain name, you’ll want to keep it clear and concise. For instance, avoid lengthy website domain names like Having a long domain name makes it difficult for your target audience to remember and search online.

A better example would be to pick a domain name like or Also, you’ll want to refrain from adding numbers to your domain name as they have been proven to cause confusion. If your name is taken, we suggest adding what you do professionally or highlight the targeted categorical content in your new blogging platform; such as, or

Choosing A WordPress Username

WordPress will automatically update your username in accordance to your chosen domain name. You can change it if you like. However, brands like to keep everything consistent, so it’s always a good idea to practice good habits; keeping all your usernames consistent with brand.

How To Pick WordPress Password

The key to picking a strong password, not with just WordPress, is length. The longer your password is, the ‘stronger.’ A good tip is to pick two or three familiar words and separate them with a space as if you were typing them out on notepad. For example, WordPress gives password ‘bicycle mango’ full strength.

Confirmation Email

Be sure to use a valid email address when signing up for your new WordPress account. WordPress sends all new users a confirmation email for verification purposes. To activate your new WordPress blog, simply check your inbox or junk mail and look for the WordPress.COM verification email and follow instructions.

Create Free WordPress Blog

After filling out your email address, WordPress gives you the option to buy an upgraded account – essentially your own server with WordPress. By no means are you obligated to purchase it — there are better and cheaper servers out there in the market. Next to the upgraded offer is your ‘create free blog’ blog tab, click it and wait for the email.


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And there you have it folks. You’re officially signed up for WordPress.COM. Just like the platform, the sign up process is incredibly easy. If you’re looking to learn more on how to use the WordPress blogging platform, Learn iT! Anytime offers online WordPress video courses. Feel free to sign up for an interactive online video tutorial for a penny, yes a penny! Until next post!

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