Boost Work Efficiency With Microsoft Outlook Today Using These Three Must-Know Tips Part.1


With over 60-million users and growing, Microsoft Outlook is hailed as one of the world’s most popular software programs for business email and scheduling. Outlook’s widespread popularity helps users quickly find contact information, improving project task management. It offers real-time updates from cloud data storage to PC as well. However, amongst its many features many users still fail to understand Outlook’s full potential. Below, Learn iT! Anytime highlights three proven ways experienced and novice users can leverage its features to further improve work efficiency. Let’s do this!

Customize Inbox Messages

View your inbox the way you want to see it, and prioritize emails in grades of importance. To adjust your Outlook inbox, click the VIEW tab on the tool bar. Then, click CHANGE VIEW. Here, you’ll find multiple options which you can choose from. Most users choose option MOST RECENT EMAILS ONLY.

Another option inside the VIEW tab is button, MESSAGE PREVIEWS. You can turn this option on or off or choose the amount of lines you want to preview each header message. Think of it like the snippets/descriptions you find in Google search.

Under SETTINGS tab, you can look for new custom ways for you to view your inbox. Add new columns on any whim and adjust your dashboard content accordingly. With these new arrangement options, you’ll be able to sort out messages by DATE, SUBJECT, and so forth. If you want to adjust your FOLDER and READING PANE, you can do so in LAYOUT options as well.

After you finish customizing your Microsoft Outlook inbox, you’ll want to click on the CHANGE VIEW tab, hit SAVE CURRENT VIEW AS A NEW VIEW. From there you can change file name and view your new custom view after selecting your saved view.

Customize Colors Of Unread Emails

If you are familiar with Outlook, you know UNREAD emails and READ emails are presented in different color. However, these colors can be mistaken for each other during a quick glance. If you’re one who has difficulty with slightly different details, you can adjust the highlighted boxes. To change colors, click on FILE, OPTIONS, MAIL, and then click READING PANE.

From there you can check off “MARK ITEMS AS READ WHEN VIEWED IN THE READING PANE” box.

Here you can customize the number of seconds each message appears in the READING PANE before Outlook marks it as READ.

Default settings are set at 5 seconds. However, you can change it to something longer, say 30 seconds?

This option tells the READING PANE that your emails should appear for 30 seconds after being read.

Organize Inbox Message Display

If you’re the type who loves to color code, including emails, Microsoft Outlook gives you the opportunity to mark messages differently. The default settings deliver a blue bar to the left of the message in your inbox, and the message header sends a blue colored subject line.

To adjust the way your subject lines appear, click on the VIEW tab, VIEW SETTINGS, CONDITIONAL FORMATTING.

Now you’ll find the UNREAD MESSAGES rule and the blue color. Change colors accordingly, and color code your inbox messages.

Outlook users will also get to ADD a new rule to all emails. If you want to match your best friend to a special color and font, click ADD, then enter the name of your friend. An option box will pop up and you’ll be able to click and find fonts and colors, which are applied to the header.

Afterward, you can click the CONDITION button and filter. Now, your dialog box opens and you’ll get to scroll through the options and decide which emails from your contact list will format into your new settings. To save, click OK three times.


And there you have it folks, three quick ways Outlook users can cut their time searching through inbox; improving overall work efficiency. If you’re looking for a more extensive tutorial or self-paced online video lesson on how to use Outlook more effectively, sign up and try our three-day trial for a penny. Until next post!

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