Cool Examples Of Art On iPad


With every new technological innovation comes a new source for creative inspiration, paving the way for new trends, in this case: iPad art. The cluster of artists below have finger painted incredible digital portraits, giving the iPad extra points under the content generation column. Peruse below and let us know what you think!


mummy-ipad art

Introducing a carefully wrapped mummy in an iPad…This digital rendition of the iconic monster was created by Deviant Art member ic.jaker, a hobbyist artist ‘re-birthed’ by the new apps and seduction by iPad sketching. Here’s his original finger painting created in iPad with the help of app sketchbook.



Here we have a well-crafted colored painting by American web designer Mike Miller. We luckily stumbled upon this realistic portrait on his Flickr account. It was made using iPad with brushes photo import and layer blend modes.


ipad art tribe

Love to mix and match? This iPad sketch by Fabric Lenny illustrates the marriage between animals and tribesmen. Here we bare witness to Lenny’s application of distinctive prints, paintings, drawings, public art and character designs.


ipad art

A beautiful sketch of a beautiful young lady created by RubensLP using sketchbook and iPad. The Brazilian-based artist has won several awards in the field of arts both in Brazil and Italy. Ruben has also worked for reputable web companies, advertising industry, press and architecture offices doing designs, art direction and illustration.


ipad art 4 silicon vally

This iPad sketch was created by David Newman, Silicon Valley’s Artist-in-Residence. Newman’s iPad portraits combine hand-crafted digital portraits with photos and scanned ink-on-paper works. He has painted with CG, including Mac, since the early 80’s. He was also a courtroom artist (UPI); covering trials in the 70’s.

John Locke

ipad art 5 john locke

Hear that? It’s the surreal image of John Locke from hit TV drama Lost, trying to thump his way out of this iPad canvas created by graphic artist John Nofsinger. This sketch was sketched using Art Studio in iPad. Gotta love the skin tone.

Burry & Cannot


This beautiful “Burry & Cannot: on strings” illustration was finger painted by web developer and iPhone painter Benjamin Rabe. This is just one of the many examples of Rabe’s imagination captured on a digital canvas.

Humpty Bunny

ipad art 8

Indeed, this urban skater ‘Humpty Bunny’ raises a lot of questions. Finger painted on iPad by American web designer Mike Miller, his inspiration for ‘Humpty Bunny’ was found by friend ‘Benjamin,’ one cool looking dude.


man holding ipad art
And there you have it folks! Learn iT! Anytime’s favorite iPad sketches on the Internet today. If you’re a beginner or a savvy artist with a passion to express yourself digitally on the go, we highly recommend for you to master your iPad. If you’re looking for iPad tutorials online, check out our iPad tutorials page and start today for free. Until next post!

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