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We may sound like a broken record when we talk about how social media has ‘exploded in the last decade.’ But it’s true. Social media has evolved from a dorm room digital hangout into a reputable go-to source for real-time news; an effective tool to help build real life and online communities; and has been proclaimed as the pulse for freedom of speech. From Reddit to Tumblr to Pinterest to Facebook to Twitter and back again there are hundreds of thousands of social media networks available today — all which are admittedly a bit time consuming to maintain…If, you are unaware of the tools available. And cue in the emergence of online social media software applications, all built to help social media addicts alike manage favorite social media accounts efficiently. Below, we highlight our favorites. Enjoy!


What is Sprout Social? Sprout Social is a social media managing tool that gives users the ability to focus on social media publishing, engagement, and analytics. It’s easy-to-learn and compatible for the user who appreciates a clean social dashboard. Social media mangers love Sprout Social for its advanced scheduling system called, ‘ViralPost’ as well as the high-end analytics feature that delivers insightful community data. The application is available on all the popular web browsers and also available for iOS and Android.

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What is Feedly? Released in 2008, Feedly has grown to become one of the leading news aggregators for web and mobile users. It is the go-to social media tool for many professional magazines, and ultimately trailblazed the way for other popular news aggregators we see today. The beauty of Feedly is that it instantly ushers articles and videos from your favorite websites immediately after website publish. It also filters content based on recommendations from your friends, and organizes your news feed into a beautiful virtual magazine experience. You can also find different social media profiles, bookmarks, and accounts from sites like Twitter, Yahoo! Mail, GMail and Friendfeed, and apply them to your Feedly.

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scoopit-logo What is is excellent for social media curation. Social media curation is when you filter, select, and re-position quality content on the web for a specific audience and/or topic. This semi-automated curation platform crawls the web according to pre-determined criteria; allowing the curator to review and re-position filtered material before publishing. Published material also captures an attractive web-magazine format, all arranged by topic. Your readers can suggest related articles, comment, like curated posts with a ‘like’ button, re-scoop, and follow your profile.



digg-social-media-icon What is Digg? Akin to Reddit, Digg is a news aggregator for users who wish to find trending stories across the Internet in real time. You can “Digg” stories or submit by copying and pasting a desired link. This is a great tool for bloggers or for a brand’s blog. When stories make it to the front page of Digg, traffic spikes immediately. Digg launched its Digg Reader on June 28, 2013 as a web and iOS application. An Android app was released on August 29, 2013. Digg in!

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Mention-logo What is Mention? Mention allows users to monitor the web and major social media channels; retrieving information and conversations about a particular online profile. It keeps social media managers informed of mentions, targeted keywords, competitors and even personal names — all vital information for any social media campaign. Receive and share these alerts on various social network platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.) or through email. Social media managers love this tool because it instantly improves customer service.

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social-bro What is SocialBro? SocialBro helps business owners, brand ambassadors, PR and business strategists target relevant Twitter accounts and relevant online communities efficiently. It also features an useful Twitter tracker which allows social media managers to see which ‘friends’ who don’t follow back. Community chat is also available, along with competitor analysis. Social media managers love SocialBro because it provides a personalized DM message campaign option, giving community managers the power to contact a following in a personalized and efficient way.

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swayylogo-white What is Swayy? Swayy helps social media managers search through the Internet for relevant industry articles. It gives social managers the power to find relevant content to read and share with your audience. Link your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn account to its dashboard and Swayy will provide custom curated content for your audience. If you’re looking for an affordable and easy way to find and schedule the right article to share, Swayy will definitely keep your following engaged.

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buzzbundle-logo What is Buzzbundle? The answer to managing multiple personas. This social media tracking and management tool allows social managers to “create different personas” and “add any number of social profiles.” This means users can create multiple personas for a targeted audience, and create unlimited number of profiles for each persona (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin); switching to each profile efficiently. If you’re looking for a social media tool that allows you to post on to multiple social channels with one button, Buzzbundle is for you.

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buffer-logo What is Buffer? Buffer gives users the power to schedule posts on your social network accounts throughout the day; giving you the opportunity to work on other important items on your to-do list. It offers a great dashboard and also lets you share great content in real time as well. Social media managers love Buffer because it amplifies web presence while also maximizing post views with each scheduled option. There are currently 1,068,571 users using Buffer, all who have shared an accumulative grand total of 96,034,403 updates.

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paperli-logo What is is a quick and automated way to create an online newspaper. It is described as a “content curation service” which utilizes sources including your Twitter account, plus G+, RSS feeds and Facebook — all which form attention-grabbing visual ‘papers.’ This custom is available to all users and also available via search engines. Create your daily newspaper and use it as a way to connect with influencers in your niche industry.



And there you have it folks! Social media’s top tools available to download today. Easy to learn and use, our list of social media tools empowers anyone with a way to manage a chaotic social media environment. Indeed, there are many to choose from. Your best bet is to pick your favorite, and Learn iT! Anytime.

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