Online Software Tools That Make Life On The Internet That Much Sweeter

online-softwareIf you’re looking to become more efficient on the Internet; or, simply in search for useful online tools to give you an advantage while you surf the big waves of the Internet, Learn iT! Anytime highlights a list of favorite online software programs that you can try today. Take a look below and let us know what you think in our comments section.

Free YouTube Downloader

free youtube downloader Did you know? For every minute that passes by on the Internet, 48-hours of videos are uploaded onto YouTube. Ah, there’s a reason why the web’s inexhaustible source for videos is consistently ranked in the top 5 for most visited websites in the world. And cue in the Free YouTube Downloader, a tool that helps you download your favorite YouTube videos onto your hard drive. You can also save YouTube videos in various video and audio formats as well, all playable for a wide variety of gadgets.


filezilla If you’re looking for a reliable cross platform file transfer protocol (FTP), FTPS, or SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) with an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI), FileZilla ticks all the boxes. FileZilla helps you update a website without a CMS and allows you to transfer files from one server to another. Its open source software is 100% free of charge and is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Norton Antivirus

norton virus
If you’re looking for a world-class anti-virus software program, the Norton AntiVirus uses exclusive, patented layers of protection engineered to help you work in a safer online environment. It keeps you safe from unwanted threats; such as, identity thieves, scam websites, and suspicious social media content, links, and more.

Adobe Photoshop

Attention-grabbing play a huge role on the Internet. Adobe Photoshop’s photo editing software gives users the power to organize and transform humdrum photos into creative masterpieces. But there’s more. You can also edit video, and create exotic cinemagraphs for everyone to enjoy. Ooh la la!

Aperture 3.5

If you’re a Mac user looking for a way to edit images without the fuss, Aperture 3.5 welcomes you with a long list of professional tools designed to assist as you edit. The photo editing software also has a social spin to it as well, giving you the luxury of posting edited photos across major social media platforms or even to iCloud.


Indeed, WordPress is a tech newbie’s dream come true. It’s a crowd favorite amongst bloggers and has become a leader amongst content management systems for plenty of reasons. One being that it is easy-to-use and also works as an open-sourced blogging tool. This means developers can work around it while creating other integrated web designs. You can also use as a free blogging platform as well.

Sales Force

Salesforce is an up-and-coming CRM software, developed by, which helps make contact management systems accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. The simplicity of the design along with its unique tools make it incredibly attractive to subscribers. Whether you’re an up-and-comer or a FORTUNE 100 corporation, Salesforce helps you boosts business opportunities from parts all over the world.


Weebly is definitely one of the easiest website building platforms found on the Internet today. It’s popular with the tech newbies as its software turns the web building process into an easy drag-and-drop process. If you’re searching for a great place to showcase an online portfolio or store or general website, Weebly is a must-try.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

If you’re looking for an online software that will allow you to run JAVA programs, JRE is your best bet. It provides you with a consistent and safe data library, the Java Virtual Machine, and other components, all that allow featured streaming data in FeatureServer MapServices, which reduces wait time — a bonus for any Internet user.

Google Chrome

The Internet experience just isn’t the same when you surf in the slow lane. If you’re looking for the fastest web browsing experience, how about exploring new territory and give Google Chrome a shot. Its reviews trumpet Google Chrome as being, ‘lightning fast’ and of course, free and easy to download.

Mozilla Firefox

mozilla logo
Firefox has been reported of boasting the fastest downloading time for a web browser. It’s another free and open source web browser application designed to work for Windows, OS X, and Linux and in Android for mobile gadgets. It’s also a non-profit organization, so if you’re looking to support the ‘small guy’ along with his tight-knit group of people who aim to create the best user Internet browsing experience, give Firefox a try.

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation Software

Oracle is a popular online software because it helps people make smart marketing decisions based on proven outcomes through Oracle Eloqua. They have been in the business of marketing automation software for more than ten years and have evolved into a heavy hitter for businesses across the world. Their web-based system showcases a strong competence in demand generation, lead management, and revenue performance management.


With all of the Internet’s bells and whistles, the brands mentioned above all aim to make life on the Internet easier and less complex. If you’re looking for easy online software across the globe along with strong automating processes for both personal and business gain, all you have to do is search, click, and Learn It! Anytime.

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