10 Cool Resumes Made By Professional Graphic Designers

If you’re a graphic designer looking for creative ideas on how to transform a bland resume into a modern-day ‘winner’ — you’re in luck. Learn iT! Anytime has assembled 10 resumes from the Internet designed to inspire you!

Martin Dhote’s Resume

Beautifully simple, the green and gray minimalist color scheme provides a sense of harmony, finance, and safety throughout; communicating concise yet powerful notes for the reader. Dhote’s information is laid out methodically which makes it easy to read while maintaining an exquisite silhouette. The display icons add a modern kick and the timeline adds a social savvy touch.

Sven Kaiser’s Resume

Featuring a two column base design with soft blue and indigo, this serves up a clean fresh look on a traditional template. Notice its visual cues that direct the eye throughout the page; guiding you from one section to another — beautiful. And we like the visual timeline as well; highlighting Kaiser’s experience, a digital-eye captured perfectly for print.

Dana Tepper’s Resume

Could this be the infographic that wins the day? Of course. Dana Tepper’s resume stands out from the crowd and screams out ‘application.’ If you look closely, you’ll uncover the timeless F shape; highlighting the most important information as your eye navigates. The resume is in four different sections adding visual impact, and the selected color combination establishes consistency throughout.

Errol Veloso’s Resume

Visually interesting, Veloso’s resume goes beyond the norm and into 3D thought. The boldness and color scheme is smooth and his layout defines how he prioritizes life. Blue trumpets loyalty, an excellent quality for a blooming startup. But could his choice win him the job and separate him from the pack? For certain, as great minds do think alike…

Caleb Frank’s Resume

Perhaps customizing your resume with colors and the logo of your future employer is worth the work. Here, you’ll find a balanced template, with contact information accented on the left and Franks’s professional experiences on the right. The icons and logo give it a polished look.

Pernille Posselt’s Resume

Do your eyes deceive you? Is this a page from Apple.com? No, it’s Posselt’s resume which perfectly captures the Z form. Her use of white space direct the eye to approachable photos; showing a bit of her fun personality, her approach to design and life’s journey.

Genevieve Dennis’ Resume

If resumes were rendered as masterpieces, Dennis’ resume would be the Mona Lisa. Right from the bat her resume carries fine art DNA injected with digital habits. She effectively utilizes white space; displaying a creative application that ranges from starving artist to corporate boardroom.

Admir Hadzic’s Resume

One of the boldest color choices of the bunch, Admir Hadzic’s definitely resume speaks tech: a graphical presentation which delivers information for a digital screen. Clearly, his communication skills surpass the digital matrix, he speaks English, German and more.

Mario Gutierrez’s Resume

Gutierrez’s design packs a lot of information in a well balanced presentation. The clean visual lines help guide your eyes throughout his resume. The logo and play of graphical elements displays his creativity and professionalism perfectly.

Sudharsan Veera’s Resume

Adapting a full infographic style Veera manages to jump out from the pile. It’s well designed and the use of large typography separates his profile clearly making it easy to read. His flat icons provides a contemporary touch, and look! He has graphic design experience for clients who need package design.


And there you have it ladies and gents! 10 creative resumes designed to woo even the toughest recruiter. If you think we’ve missed any inspiring designs, let us know in the comments below – we are always happy to hear what you think!

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