Top 10 Cool Sites That Use JavaScript

Should you use JavaScript?

JavaScript has come a long way since its 1995 Netscape introduction. And believe it or not, a lot of developers today are using it — and for good reason.

Below, Learn iT! Anytime highlights some of the coolest examples of JavaScript out there; assembling a list of 10 websites that demonstrate noteworthy creativity.

Bienville Capital

The last place you think you’ll find cool JavaScript is at an investment management firm, but Bienville Capital Management based in New York city is all about smooth transitions and interactive web design. The sliding and fading from one page to another seems effortless.

Si digital

Notice how with JavaScript, the homepage attracts a first time visitor with its fetching laboratory animation. Si digital, based in Southsea United Kingdom, creates a smooth animation that directs you to all the services the company offers – quite witty if you ask us!


Designed with the help of JavaScript, Cyclemon, proudly made in France takes advantage of the parallax effect. Watch as the homepage literally scrolls down as if you were on a single page!

One Millionth Tower

Sit back and relax, literally. This website headed by the National Film Board of Canada and part of their Highrise project aims to bring together residents, architects, animators and web developers for an epic human experience of vertical living. As a bonus, you can also check out their short interactive documentary about the history of the highrise, how cool is that?!


I bet you haven’t seen a news website like Quartz before. Using big bold images and keeping stories on just one page. Pay close attention because as you scroll down to each story the url changes! Brilliant for sharing stories on the go.

Nouvelle Vague

Featuring more than just JavaScript, Nouvelle Vague makes use of WebGL animation to help create a 3D feel, one that absorbs the Internet’s pulse through the trigger of real-time tweets.

Nick Jones

Heavy JavaScript is in play on Nick Jones’ professional website. Observe, as animations are prompted by your mouse wheel and mouse movement.

Carbon Studio

Drag and drop to your heart’s desire! Carbon, a creative studio based out in England developed an engaging site allowing you to navigate through the clutter – simply drag and drop into the Carbon ball.

Mahedine Yahia

Designers are really getting creative with their professional profiles. This young man stands over his home-town probably near the Sacré-Cœur in Paris! Scroll through and get the full effect of Yahia’s magic coding.


What a light show! Go through the website, designed by HelloEnjoy based in the U.K. and let your mouse dictate the pace of where you want to go. Singer Ellie Goulding wanted to give her fans an interactive music experience and she doesn’t disappoint with this spectacle.


And there you have it friends, Learn iT! Anytime’s favorite JavaScript faves. If you have come across other sites you think deserve to be on the list, drop us a line in our comments section below! In the meantime get inspired, get creative.

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