Easy-To-Learn Keyboard Shortcuts For Microsoft Office That Boost Productivity

If you’re the type of person who loves to find new ways to improve work efficiency while on the computer, you’re in luck, Learn iT! Anytime highlights easy-to-learn keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Office below.

In this online tutorial you will learn:

• Advantages of using keyboard shortcuts for Office
• Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
• Keyboard shortcuts for navigation and selection

What are the advantages?

Saves Time
When you master any keyboard shortcut, you reduce the number of keyboard-to-mouse gestures; cutting overall time spent adjusting hand position.

Lowers Stress Levels On Wrist
If you use a mouse everyday for long periods of time, you increase the probabilities of experiencing tendinitis: the inflammation of tendons in your wrist. Keyboard shortcuts help prevent wrist strain; providing a quick alternative for heavy mouse users.

Excel Shortcuts

Ctrl + Shift + ↓
ms excel shortcuts
Instead of selecting large amounts of data in any column with the traditional click and drag method, try the Ctrl + Shift + ↓ shortcut — it’s easy to use and incredibly efficient.

Ctrl + Shift + →
ms excel shortcuts
Select an entire row up to the first blank cell and use the Ctrl + Shift + → shortcut. This will help you control selected cells easily without the mouse.

Shift + Any Arrow Key
ms excel shortcuts
If you want to extend your selection beyond any row or column, hold down the shift key and use any arrow key to select. This will help you choose any cell in any direction.

Ctrl + A
ms excel shortcuts
To select an entire range of data, use the Ctrl + A command. This Excel shortcut will help you select the range of data surrounding the active cell up to the point when a blank row and/or column is detected.


Ctrl + A
ms powerpoint shortcuts
The Ctrl + A shortcut in PowerPoint works the same in principle. In the slide sorter view, you can select all slides by using Ctrl + A command. This will allow you to change all slides at once.

In the normal view you can also select all slides in the left panel with the Ctrl + A command. Remember, this functionality works slightly different on particular areas of PowerPoint.

F5, Space Bar, And Arrow Keys
ms powerpoint shortcuts
Before a presentation you can automatically launch into the slide show view by pressing F5. Also, while in slide show view you can use the space bar and arrow keys to advance the slideshow to the next slide.

Slide Number + Enter Key
ms powerpoint shortcuts
To reach a specific slide in a presentation you can press the slide number then hit the enter key. This allows you to navigate to any slide at any time.

ms powerpoint shortcuts
In the slide show view, F1 will bring up a slide show help dialog box containing other useful keyboard shortcuts. Here, you can choose other keyboard shortcuts relevant to your presentation.


Hold Ctrl + Select Individual Emails
ms outlook shortcuts
Hold the control key and select a desired message using the arrow key. Selecting multiple emails will help you organize your inbox easily. This command will help you delete, move, categorize or flag any message.

Hold Shift Key + Select Emails By Groups
ms outlook shortcuts
By holding down the shift key you are able to select a block section of emails, which helps you simplify your inbox organization process.

Ctrl + Number
ms outlook shortcuts
Other shortcuts using the Ctrl key with numbers 1-8 will help you navigate through the main sections of Outlook. We covered four shortcuts below to get you started: the inbox, the calendar, the contacts and tasks folder.

The Ctrl + Number command allows you navigate to each folder easily – updating them as required.

Ctrl +1
This shortcut opens your mail folder. Here you can see incoming mail, organize your inbox and compose new emails.

Ctrl + 2
This shortcut opens your calendar folder. Here you can add important dates, memos and meetings easily.

Ctrl + 3
This shortcut will open your contact folder. Here you can add, update or remove contacts.

Ctrl + 4
This shortcut will take you to the tasks section. The tasks will serve as your to-do list and will help you monitor your tasks until they are completed.


Learning keyboard shortcuts is a great way to improve work efficiency around the office. If you think we missed out on your favorite Office keyboard shortcut, leave us a message below in our comments box! For more Microsoft Office tips, visit our Microsoft training page. Until next post!

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