Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote Advantages and Disadvantages

Should you use Microsoft OneNote in your workplace?

Below Learn iT! Anytime answers the following:

• what is Microsoft OneNote?
• what are the Microsoft OneNote advantages?
• what are the Microsoft OneNote disadvantages?
• where to download Microsoft OneNote?

What is Microsoft OneNote?

Microsoft OneNote is an easy-to-use note taking and information management program created in 2003. Its main purpose is to help users capture ideas and information in different digital formats.

OneNote has been reviewed for being “one killer app for education” in 2010, praised for its digital note taking features. These same features have helped stakeholders and employees easily access information from various departments; including, handwritten or typed notes, screen clips, images, audio and video recordings.

What are the Microsoft OneNote advantages?

Improves Workflow and Daily Organization

Think of Microsoft OneNote as a notebook composed of different sections, and with each section you can create an unlimited amount of pages.
You can also drag and drop files from your computer or mobile device into OneNote and save articles and photos directly from the Internet—organizing them into your notebook as you see fit.

OneNote offers search functionality, allowing users to pinpoint files across different notebooks quickly and easily.
Also embedded within the search is the “optical character recognition” feature which allows you to search text on pictures themselves and not just file names. A much welcomed perk for image driven professionals and web and graphic designers.

Easy Access

If you like having the option to work on any document on any whim, OneNote improves document accessibility. You can add notes or even use OneNote’s voice recording feature and save ideas. As long has you have the application installed, you will have access to all features 24/7.

Improves Transparency

Sharing information efficiently is important for any organization. In OneNote, you can share OneNote notebooks and its contents with anyone, even if they don’t have the program installed — they can still view it.

It comes handy in meetings, especially when you need to share notes with a colleague. When sharing files, you can select ‘View Only’ or ‘Can Edit’ options, where any edit made will appear instantly for quality control.

Automatic Save, Never Lose Information

In OneNote you never have to save your content. Similar to Microsoft Access, OneNote automatically saves all content users input into the program; operating like a functional database. For those who often find their devices running low in battery, don’t sweat, OneNote has your stuff backed up 100 per cent!

Free! Free! Free!

Yes, Microsoft OneNote is free.

This was a strategic move by Microsoft, enabling the tech giant to bite off a larger piece of the note-taking pie. Windows, MAC, Android and iPhone users are welcome to download the application as well. A huge plus for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small to mid-sized businesses.

Microsoft also offers a paid premium version, which integrates other online software programs like SharePoint, Outlook and other advanced features.

What are the Microsoft OneNote disadvantages?

Newbies Find It Complex

OneNote could take a bit of time to get used to, but rest assured it’s worth every minute of it. The interface and design has improved over the years drastically reducing the learning curve.
Once you get used to the interface it is pretty easy to navigate. The best way to learn is to start using it–over time you’ll be able to maximize OneNote’s efficiency.

MAC Users Find OneNote Limitations

Functionalities differ between MAC and Windows users.

A popular example found on online forums is OneNote’s inability to add documents made by other applications; including other Microsoft applications. Also, MAC users do not have the option to use the optical character recognition feature.

Where To Download Microsoft OneNote?

You can download Microsoft OneNote’s free version at the official Microsoft OneNote website.

Where To Find Microsoft OneNote Courses?

There are plenty of online software tutorials out there. Learn It! Anytime has helped over 450,000 students since 1996, offering self-paced courses for newbies. Try our Microsoft OneNote tutorials here RISK FREE for three days! Until next post, keep training!

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