How To Change Default Font Settings On Microsoft Word

Font plays a huge role on reader psychology. From reading online content on the Internet to reading your favorite hardcover to scrolling through today’s newspaper each piece of literature was showcased in a specific font for a specific reason by someone with a specific preference.

Now, if you are finicky with your font choice like many designers and writers are and consistently use Microsoft Word, there’s a way for you to change your default font settings to preference.

In this quick Microsoft Word tutorial, you will learn how to change Microsoft Word default font settings in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Open A New Word Document

screen shot of microsoft word

To change default font settings, first open a new Microsoft Word document.

Left click File.

In the drop down menu, highlight New with your mouse cursor.

Then, highlight and left click Blank document as seen in the image above.

Step 2: Visit Home

screen shot of ms blank page

Once your New document is open, ensure that you are in the Home tab.

Remember: the Home tab is next to the File tab.

You then will need to scan over onto the right and view the Styles section as seen in the highlighted yellow box above, right click.

Step 3: View Modify Drop Down

screen shot of blank page

After right clicking the Styles tab, a drop down will appear.

Highlight and left click on the Modify button with your mouse cursor.

Step 4: Modify Pop Up

ms word tutorial 4

When the Modify box pops up, select any font you wish from the drop down under formatting.

Here we decided to go with Arial at size 11.

Step 5: New Documents Based On This Template

screen shot of ms word

After selecting your preferred font in the drop down box, be sure to check off New Documents Based on This Template and hit the OK button.


Congratulations! You have officially changed your Microsoft Word default font and have relieved yourself from yet another repetitive task. If you can think of another way to change Microsoft Word’s default font setting, feel free to share your Microsoft Word tutorial with us below!

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