What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of WordPress?

advantages and disadvantages of wordpress

Out of the several online software programs engineered to help you create professional looking websites or blogs, WordPress is the world’s most popular.

WordPress operates over 66-million websites worldwide; including, CNN, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, and MTV News to just to name a few.

Of course like everything, it’s always better to try something yourself before jumping to conclusions. So if you’re on the fence trying to figure out whether or not WordPress will be a good fit, keep on reading. Below we list the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress.

In this WordPress tutorial you will find:

The definition of WordPress;
The advantages of WordPress;
The disadvantages of WordPress;
Official sites where you can download and start a WordPress website or blog;
Where to find WordPress tutorials.

What is WordPress?

WordPress first started off as an open source blogging tool for website owners, made in PHP based in MYSQL and created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2003. Matt Mullenweg was a visual arts and political science major and dropped out of college at the age of 19 to work for CNET, an American media company that publishes reviews, podcasts, and videos about consumer electronics.

A year later he quit his job at CNET to focus his time on WordPress, today’s most popular open source web software for website development and blog creation – now available in 120 different languages.

What are the advantages of WordPress?

Easy to use
WordPress simplifies web development and content management for website owners. This means tech newbies can easily add new pages, manage blog posts, add products, images, and more without having to input or know code.

Website owners can cut costs with WordPress and its free themes. WordPress themes range from free to $99. Website owners will have to upload their WordPress theme onto the server, add content, plug-ins, and publish.

Active Community
WordPress has more developers creating new themes and plugins than any other online software of its kind. Although WordPress has had complaints for not having a strong offline support system, the online WordPress community is incredibly helpful and available. Rest assured, there’s always someone out there waiting to answer your WordPress question.

When users don’t have a tech background, creating an eCommerce website may be out of the question. With WordPress eCommerce themes, users will be able to sell products online using WordPress; simplifying the eCommerce process.

What are the disadvantages of WordPress?

Security Issues
Since WordPress relies on plugins, the open source software is vulnerable to malicious attacks, you know, those crooked people looking to destroy your data with malware. On the positive side, there are plugins to help you solve and prevent these issues.

Updates May Ruin Your Site
Be careful with WordPress updates. Since a fair chunk of these plugins ignore former customizations, you may find yourself with nothing after one update. What will you do when your website shuts down? Be sure to stay on top of your updates.

Web Developers Hate PHP
WordPress uses PHP, a language written to template HTML for people who didn’t really understand code. A lot of ‘real’ developers complain about PHP for logical reasons; specifically how it’s a broken language at every feature and how it’s inconsistent and easy to shoot oneself in the foot. However, this only matters if you’re writing or customizing your WordPress website.

Where you can start using WordPress?

If you want to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress first hand you can create a website or blog at the official WordPress website.

If you like what you see you can take it to the next level and integrate WordPress to an existing server from the official WordPress.org website.

Where to find WordPress tutorials?

There are a lot of sites that showcase WordPress tutorials. You can try a Google search and go to the best results or learn from a friend. If you’re looking for self-paced and structured WordPress tutorials, Learn iT! Anytime features both beginner and advanced video tutorials for WordPress.

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