5 Must-Know Startups With Good Web Design

If you’re into ‘design,’ you know that the number one motive of a graphic designer is to communicate and trigger a call to action.

And it’s simple: When a graphic designer executes; overall design influences consumer behaviour.

Below, Learn iT! Anytime features visual benchmarks of five startups with good web design.

La Metric

la metric - startup with good design

La Metric is trumpeted as the first highly-customizable ticker in the world. It shows users the most important topics in real time; including: weather, subject-and-time until nearest meeting, new emails, and more. The site itself is flat and displays a full-width image with white sans serif font.


Proximus brings in the Google analytics model into real world stores, tracking consumer behaviour in malls and shopping markets through unique-heat map technology without the use of cameras or smartphones. It renders a 1.5 mm accuracy rate between consumers and products and retailers — a great way to leverage in-store design and consumer behaviour. The web site itself flaunts a minimalist and flat design with a blue and white color palette featuring hollow ghost buttons.

Smile Mom

websites with cool design

Smile Mom is a startup that connects moms with one another in real-time. Smile Mom also provides a forum for moms to ask questions, seek parenting advice, swap, sell, or buy gently used baby items, arrange meet-ups and playdates. The Smile Mom landing page features strong call-to-actions for iOS and Android downloads on top of an Instagram-like image — sweet and simple.


pubble website

Pubble is a website messenger app great for web moderators or web masters who want to communicate with users in real time. The application uses algorithms that create ‘knowledge platforms.’ The Pubble software is popular among education websites, online shopping websites, charities, and more. The Pubble website attracts the eye with a dark photo of London with white text accompanied with scrolling animation effects.


votifi - startup with good design

Votifi is a platform for political exchange, acting as a leading information hub that helps voters distinguish between political fiction from political policy. It’s platform helps amplify the dynamics between elected officials and the public. The site itself features custom flat political icons and responsive design, and features questions about current political topics.


contact me website design

Contactme revolutionizes how small businesses do business. It helps users manage important dates, client information, meetings and more, Contactme acts as your personal robotic secretary and is available on desktop, laptop, mobile phone and tablet. The Contactme site itself features flat design with a blue, white, and grey background. Its header features a pleasant explanatory video as well.


Did you know? More than 90% of startups fail. A startup will need to know its value proposition, design and brand itself accordingly and have a dedicated team to get it pass the tipping point. If you have a startup with aesthetically pleasing designs and a great concept, send us a message or link below. We’d love to hear from you!

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