Does Your Brain Crave Infographics? Here Are 13 Reasons Why Infographics Go Viral!

why brain craves infographics

According to digital marketing expert Jeff Bullas, the search term ‘infographic’ saw an 800% increase in average searches per month in two years. He also goes on to say his blog normally sees a spike in traffic after posting an infographic as well.


And Jeff Bullas isn’t the only one…

Let’s also consider popular news aggregation website and social media network Digg, who goes on record stating articles or posts featuring an infographic are 250 times more likely to get ‘dugg.’

How come? Why do our brains crave infographics?

And cue in the interesting and interactive infographic created by Neomam.

According to Neomam, the average human is wired for visual cues: almost 50% of our brain is involved in visual processing; 70% of all our visual receptors are in our eyes; and transcribing a visual scene only takes 1/10 of a second.

What’s more impressive is that researchers go on to say that visual cues (such as an infographic) improve the willingness to read by 80%.

infographic symbols

But hey there’s more…Find out the 13 reasons why infographics go viral and check out Neomam’s interactive infographic here and discover exactly why our brains crave infographics.

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