CardFi, Revolutionizing Business Card Design As We Know It


If you are a forward thinking graphic designer who believes the act of handing out contact information on dead trees is a bit archaic and arguably from the “dinosaur age,” please keep reading.

Because today, Learn iT! Anytime has stumbled upon CardFi, a game-changing innovation set to revolutionize the business card industry as we know it.

So what makes CardFi special?

CardFi is the world’s first iBeacon business card, integrating iBeacon technology, a low-power and low-cost transmitter that notifies nearby smartphones of its presence.

This means iBeacon business cards changes the concept of today’s traditional print business card into a mobile application model; beaming all the vital contact information you get from an exchange straight to the cloud; storing contact information on your smartphone.

Now, considering 88% of business cards passed out are thrown away in less than a week, CardFi offers a solution and answer to all the wasted materials; and most importantly, wasted hard-earned dollars.

CardFi also provides the luxury to change and update business card information anytime, anywhere from a smartphone.

For more information check out the official CardFi YouTube video below and let us know what you think!

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