How To Install A Plugin Into WordPress [Video Tutorial]

In today’s online software video tutorial, we show you how to install a new plugin into WordPress.

So if you’re in a rush and looking for a quick answer on how to add a new plugin to your WordPress website, you’re in luck, watch our video or read our transcript below.

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Hello everyone this is SC, and in today’s online video tutorial, you will learn how to install a WordPress plugin into WordPress.


So after logging into your WordPress website, you will scroll down from the dashboard left hand panel to plugins.

There it is.

Add new.

Now after clicking add new, you will be taken to a menu or suite of plugins. You can decide whether you want to add featured plugins, popular plugins, recommended plugins, favourite plugins. You can even go into the search bar and type in keywords to plugins or specific plugin names.

Today we’re going to add a WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. Hit enter.

Okay so now, we have a menu of SEO plugins related to WordPress SEO Yoast, our search query. Now we activate our plugin.

Now we get a message from WordPress saying our plugin is now activated. I personally like double-checking and finding the plugin just in case we need to activate. And there it is, WordPress SEO.

And that is how you add a plugin into WordPress. For more in-depth WordPress video tutorials, you can visit us at

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