Frequently Asked Questions

[+] Can your courses really provide in-class quality at home?
That’s the question we asked ourselves. Learn iT! Anytime Video training was founded on the premise that video training needs to be taught the right way (we thought it wasn’t). It took more than a year, but we’ve developed a program that we’re very proud of. The following special elements allow us to offer computer training with the same integrity as our in-class instruction:
  • Email support.
    Some students want to ask questions during their educations. That's what our experts are good for. If you have a question, if something isn't working correctly, or if you want feedback on a project, you can get the help you need fast.
  • Accompanying printable courseware
    After your video course, you may want to go back and look up a small detail, or maybe you're the kind of person that likes to read for reinforcement. That's why we also provide over 700 pages of printable web design course material for you to keep on your bookshelf.
  • Homework and special projects
    While you're learning, you'll need to practice. It'd be a real bummer if you had to come up with practice assignments yourself. So, we come up with them for you. [Click here to see a sample homework assignment.]
  • Quality Instruction
    We took special care that the video course you'll take at your own computer is just as good and detailed as an in-class experience. We obsessed over it. Nothing was left out. In fact, we threw some extras in.
[+] I have more than one computer. Can I sign on from them both?
Yes, you can sign on from any of your computers.
Learn iT! Anytime uses sophisticated IP Tracking technology to detect password sharing and you can only be signed on to one computer at a time. We're sure you'd never share your password anyway, because that's just wrong. Think of our teachers!
[+] I use a Mac (or) I use a PC. My computer is old. Will I be able to use the courses?
MS Office programs are slightly different for the Mac and PC. We record on PC based office platforms.
Design Software doesn't care what kind of computer you use. The internet is designed to work on any kind of computer. The programs that you'll use to create web sites are the same on Macs and PCs and they don't take a super computer to run them. As long as your computer can run programs, you should be fine.
[+] Can I use Learn iT Anytime with my iPad?

Yes! Question answered!

[+] Do I need to buy software right away?
You can download evaluation versions to learn on. The evaluation software only works for 30 days, so don't install each software title until you are ready to learn iT! You can get your evaluation software here:
[+] I know nothing about office software / web design / other. Will I be able to follow along?
If you can open a program and save a file to a folder, you can use our lessons.
We assume that you know nothing about the software when you begin, and start you from square one. Even if you already know some stuff, you'll still want to start at the beginning to pick up deeper understanding of all the special tricks, tips, and out of the ordinary techniques.
[+] I don't live in the United States. Can I subscribe to the video training program?
Yes! There are no additional charges!
[+] My friend or co-workers want to subscribe, too. Or, maybe I want to sign up my whole company. Can I have a discount?
Yes! You are a good bargainer. Contact Us for details.
[+] Where are the homework and sample files?

At the top of each course page, you'll see a "materials" tab. Homework and samples are in there!

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