How it works

What do I get?

With a Learn it! Anytime eLearn membership you will receive access to our entire library of video-based learning, including printable material, suggested homework, support materials, and the ability to ask an instructor questions.

How videos are delivered:

Videos are meant to be streamed over a broadband Internet connection. They are in Internet standard MP4 format. Don't worry if you've never heard of MP4. Chances are you can play it already. If not, a free thirty-second download will get you running.

Pause and try it yourself.

The course videos are designed to allow you to follow along while you learn. The video will pause on its own to allow you to try out your new skills. Practice builds retention and understanding, so we think that this is a very important part of our sessions.

How long will learning take?

Topics are combined into learning "modules". You can watch individual topics (3-8 minutes) or complete the full module. Each course module should take you a couple of hours to complete, including "try it yourself" time.

The sessions include suggested "homework" assignments, which can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the subject and how much fun you obsess into it.

You can follow your own pace or use our schedule to give structure to your learning.

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Good classes – I like how the instructors take complicated content, and present in a fun and useful pace. Will return to Learn IT
- Simon Bran
I use these recordings as a quick reference for classes I've taken. In class it is always difficult write, watch, listen and learn.
- Rebecca Chizuko