Who are the teachers?

The Best Instructors

We are very picky about who we hire because we understand that our instructors are our product. 
In a recent hiring, we filtered over 100 qualified resumes, conducted 34 interviews (with experienced candidates), and held 17 “advanced stage” teaching auditions—all for one Microsoft Office instructor!

Our Training Directors obsess about teaching theory and continually hold Advanced Instruction Workshops. We like to think that if teaching were an Olympic sport, we’d be in it every time.

Our Real World Experience

It is important that instructors have a strong mix of real-world experience and know-how. Our instructors have worked as professional designers, I.T. managers, project managers, and other significant real-world positions. This is not always the case. And, all of our instructors are also experienced adult education providers. Part of the joy of teaching is bringing our experience to others.

Know their Stuff AND Know How to Teach

We’ve all had teachers that either really knew what they were talking about but weren’t good teachers, or who were good teachers, but their experience wasn’t that deep. If you think about it, most of your teachers have probably been one or the other.

We won’t hire teachers who don’t have significant real-world experience. AND we only hire people who are also experienced teachers. But, that’s not enough. We even have special training clinics to teach our teachers how to teach better.

Meet the Teachers

David Lieberman – VP, E-Learning Division
Web and Graphic Design


David has been teaching technology, design theory, web design, and other teachers how to teach(!) for over 15 years. He’s run web design agencies, and has worked in a consulting capacity for some of the bigger names in the industry. David owned his own school before lending his talents to Learn iT. He also runs special clinics teaching experienced teachers how to teach even better. David is an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) and an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE).

Teaching Philosophy:

David Lieberman believes that anyone can learn anything if they’re taught correctly. He breaks every subject down to its base levels and builds up. If you’ve ever really tried to learn something and failed, David thinks the responsibility lies with the teacher.

David is one of those people who likes to have fun with everything he does. He truly enjoys teaching, and has fun while doing so. Fun in means fun out! You’ll enjoy yourself too.

In His Spare Time

In his spare time David enjoys driving around in his little race-prepped convertible, and he’s recently gotten back into fencing. He thinks sword fighting is pretty awesome. David is always uncovering weird and amazing things to do in San Francisco, and sending our mass “let’s do this!” emails.

Something interesting:

David owns one of the world’s best Christmas sweaters. “The Sweater”, as it is known, has won many competitions and will be stored in the Smithsonian upon retirement.

Jim Mollé – Microsoft Office


Jim is a certified Microsoft Office Master Instructor and has been teaching and consulting with Microsoft application for over 15 years, 13 of those years with Learn iT!.

Teaching Philosophy

Jim believes that through real world examples, often times customized according to the client, and with a dose of humor and patience, students will best retain the information covered in his classes so that they may instantly return to work with an increases to their skill set and efficiency.

In His Spare Time

Jim enjoys spending time with his family, as he recently became a first time father in December of 2010. He also enjoys backpacking, scuba diving and going to as many SF Giants games as he can manage!

Something Interesting About Him

Jim once had dinner with Barry Bonds. Yes, it made for quite an interesting evening.

Daniel McAllister – Microsoft Office


Dan is a Microsoft Certified Office Specialist in Word, PowerPoint and Access, as well as a Microsoft Certified Office Expert in Excel.  He has been working with computers since writing his first COBOL program in 1974, and teaching computers since 1989 in High School Completion, Vocational Ed and now the Corporate Education world.

Teaching Philosophy:

Dan says that he has, over the years, TAKEN plenty of boring computer classes, so he strives never to TEACH a boring computer class.  He mixes a little fun in with the serious stuff, but not so much as to interfere with the important content of the class.

In His Spare Time:

With a degree in Jazz Studies, Dan enjoys composing, arranging and playing rock, blues, big band and bebop.  He’s an award-winner from ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.  He’s married with no children, but a lovely cat.

Something Interesting About Him?

You can see videos of Dan on YouTube playing his trombone with long-time Count Basie saxophonist Frank Foster and the Pioneer Jazz Orchestra, as well as Dizzy Gillespie with the JC Heard Orchestra.  (And a small snippet in our OneNote 2010 video)

Amanda Parson – Microsoft Project


Amanda has worked in the project management field since 2001. She has experience in both PMI and agile style project management. As well as teaching project management skills to students, Amanda has also worked on production teams designing educational software. She enjoys teaching both computer based tools, soft skills, and project management theory.

Teaching Philosophy:

Amanda prides herself in the 110% she puts into teaching.  She believes that clear, unaffected communication is the path to enlightenment.

In Her Spare Time:

Amanda cleans up around the house. That’s how much spare time she has.

Something Interesting About Her?

In her college days Amanda used to work as a professional “party starter”. She got paid to drag people to the dance floor and generally start the revelry!

Jim Dalton – SharePoint & Tech


Jim Dalton is a Microsoft certified SharePoint 2010 Technology Specialist and a SharePoint 2007 IT Professional. He’s also a Microsoft Certified Trainer and has dozens of certifications including Server 2008 IT Professional and Windows 7 ITPro.  He’s been a full time technical trainer for private industry and numerous colleges and universities in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1995.  He has built web based database applications for major transportation industry companies including Sun Microsystems’s shipping agent, and has trained SharePoint teams from dozens of leading financial, medical and technology companies. He holds a Master ’s Degree in Digital Security and a Bachelor ’s Degree in Rhetoric from University of California at Berkeley, along with graduate certificates in telecommunications and networking.

Teaching Philosophy:

Jim believes teachers should take chances!  Classroom learning environments are the place to take risks and try new things. We can all learn from each other, so every idea has value.

In His Spare Time:

Jim enjoys making music and playing sports. He thinks there is nothing better than a day at the beach playing soccer, tossing the Frisbee, and strumming on the guitar.

Something Interesting About Him

A 5th generation San Franciscan, Jim has two children born in SF, who are now 6th generation! For those of you not San Francisco experienced, meeting a native is rare. Almost everyone you meet here grew up somewhere else!

Hamilton Cline – Print and Web Design


Hamilton has worked in artistic fields for nearly 2 decades, from working as a caricature artist in theme parks, to art director on video games, he has consistently used technology to produce art at all levels.  While an AD on big name video game projects, he had to keep teams up to date on any new software and tech.  He has also produced many large scale websites, and was teaching other people how to work in HTML and CSS even before html5 made websites cool again.

Hamilton is also TarzanTeaching Philosophy:

Every student needs a class for them, and whenever possible, Hamilton tries to form the class around each students’ needs.

In His Spare Time:

Hamilton is a video game programmer, and part time yo-yoer.  He also enjoys geocaching around San Francisco for treasures

Something Interesting About Him

Hamilton changes facial hair like you change shirts.

Harlan Kilmon – Quick Books


Harlan has been a manager at a large not-for-profit agency for which he managed the Human Resources and Finance Department. He learned the basics of accounting and finance “on the fly” and eventually pursued formal training in bookkeeping. He has used Quickbooks in his personal business for over 8 years and has been teaching it for over 4.

Teaching Philosophy:

Harlan loves to bring emotion and fun while he teaches. Harlan feels a mix of real-world examples and personal touch is what makes his style effective. Students who have experienced “The Harlan Show” consistently report that his presentation style is energetic, engaging, and fun.

In His Spare Time:

Harlan’s avocations include photography, music, cinematic special effects, and general philosophy.

Something Interesting About Him:

He is known as “Harlan Minotaur” in Second Life ® where he teaches and mentors in virtual worlds.

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Good classes – I like how the instructors take complicated content, and present in a fun and useful pace. Will return to Learn IT
- Simon Bran
The HTML class is one of the best videos I've ever seen. David Lieberman (the instructor) takes the "mystery" out of learning of HTML and literally "translates" it in a manner that makes it easy to understand. His passion and enthusiasm about the subject and web design in general makes it a fun learning experience. After the first couple of modules, you walk away feeling less intimidated and knowing more about HTML than ever before!
- Daryl Vu
Hi there. The last Excel session on MACROS was incredibly useful. Not only that but Jim was incredibly knowledgeable on a lot of special Excel that I had never even heard of. Thanks again!
- Yesenia Pounds
I think the videos were well executed. The instructors always seem extremely knowledgeable.
- David Moore
I've watched a loooooot of training videos. David was great! He's funny, sharp, smart, and knowledgeable. He made me really excited to start using PhotoShop I would be happy watch more videos from him in the future and I will highly recommend him to my friends.
- Kelly Murphy
Jim's video covered a lot of info in a short time. The webinar format was helpful and I look forward to looking at some of the others. Thanks.
- Joan Gassman
Jim is my favorite instructor. I love his voice! Thanks!!!!
- Rita Montgomery