Google Apps for Work

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Who it's for:  This course is catered to new users, as well as Google enthusiasts who are interested in receiving a full-bodied breakdown of the Google Apps suite.

What it is:  Google Apps for Work is one of the most popular cloud-based collaboration and productivity platforms. With a direct focus on enterprise, Google has made it easy for business users to enhance their day-to-day, professional workflow.

What you'll learn:  After experiencing this E-Learning series, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of popular applications within the Google Apps suite. You’ll also know how to properly establish and calibrate your Google account.

Google Apps for Work

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  • Introduction
  • Gmail Interface
  • Picking Themes
  • Creating Labels
  • Managing Labels
  • Composing Emails
  • Reading and Responding to Emails
  • Creating Filters
  • Creating Signatures
  • Using the Vacation Responder
  • Search

Google Drive


  • Introduction
  • Drive Interface
  • Creating Folders
  • Creating Docs
  • Sharing Docs
  • Editing and Commenting with Other Users
  • Uploading Files

Google Calendar


  • Introduction
  • Calendar Interface
  • Creating Events
  • Calendar Details
  • Sharing Your Calendar
  • Notifications
  • Calendar Settings
  • Creating New Calendars
  • Adding Friends' Calendars

Google Contacts


  • Introduction
  • Contacts Interface
  • Creating Contacts
  • Creating Groups
  • Importing Contacts
  • Exporting Contacts

Google Hangouts


  • Introduction
  • Hangouts Interface
  • Having Conversations
  • Settings

Google Sites


  • Introduction
  • Creating New Sites
  • Sites Interface
  • Themes, Colors, and Fonts
  • Creating Landing Pages
  • Creating Bio Pages
  • Adding Images
  • Adding Links
  • Creating Contacts List Pages
  • Configuring Sidebar Site Navigation
  • Configuring Horizontal Site Navigation
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