Office 365 (Office 2010)

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Who it's for:  Users of Microsoft Office can use Office 365 to use Office anywhere. Office 365 also adds a lot of great features. 

What it is:  With our Office 365 training videos, you'll learn how to use your favorite Office applications online. You'll also be able to use enterprise level instant messaging and conferencing.

What you'll learn:  Learning and using Office 365 will allow you to collaborate more easily when sharing files and managing projects, and you can easily access your email, Outlook calendar, and work computer from any other computer, the web, or smart device like your phone or tablet device! 

Office 365 (Office 2010)

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  • What is Office 365?
  • Office 365 Plans
  • System Requirements
  • User Interface
  • Adding New Users
  • Changing Mailboxes
  • Setting Up Teamsite
  • Setting Up Lync
  • Using the Outlook Web App
  • Introduction to SharePoint
  • Using Web Apps
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