PowerPoint 2013

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Who it's for:  Anyone who works in the business world. PowerPoint is one of those “expected to know” programs.

What it is:  PowerPoint is the number one software for building and editing visual presentations. Microsoft's business presentation application PowerPoint simplifies the creation of on-screen slides, speaker's notes, audience handouts, and an outline—all in a single presentation file.

What you'll learn:  Beginners will learn how to create, modify, and edit presentations. Advanced users will unleash the full power of PowerPoint and learn all of the “How do they do that?!” techniques, as well as slide master templates, advanced animation, and many hidden tips, tricks, and tools.

PowerPoint 2013 Beginner

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  • Choose a Template
  • Build a Slide
  • Insert New Slide
  • Move without the Mouse
  • Change the Layout
  • Sub-Bullets
  • New Slide Layouts
  • New Slide Layouts
  • Online Pictures (Clip Art)
  • Save Your Presentation
  • The Slide Show View
  • Backstage View
  • Formatting Text
  • WordArt
  • More WordArt
  • Insert a Text Box
  • Views
  • The Interface
  • Touch Screens
  • File Tab
  • Slide Sizes
  • Shapes
  • Resize Shapes
  • Gradient Fill
  • Layer-Order
  • Select Multiple Shapes
  • Grouping
  • Grouping with Online Pictures
  • WordArt
  • Screenshot
  • Rotate & Merge Shapes
  • Insert Pictures from Computer
  • Remove Picture Background
  • Slide Transitions
  • Animations
  • Presenter View
  • Notes
  • Printing

PowerPoint 2013 Advanced

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  • Templates
  • Backgrounds
  • Picture Background
  • Theme Fonts
  • Save A Theme
  • Header / Footer
  • Place Footer Elements
  • Position of Date for All Slides
  • Position Date on One Slide
  • Position Dates on All Title-Slides
  • Create Layouts as Part of a Theme
  • Customize Templates
  • PPT From Word Outline
  • Insert Smart Art
  • Convert Text to SmartArt
  • Bullets to Picture SmartArt
  • Convert Pictures to SmartArt
  • PPT Chart from Scratch
  • Chart Embedded From Excel
  • Linked Chart from Excel
  • Wrap Up
  • Motion Path
  • Animation Sequences
  • Animation Painter
  • Photo Album
  • Rehearse Timings
  • Intro To Multimedia
  • Insert Audio
  • Insert Video
  • Bookmarks For Animation
  • Slideshow Keys
  • Table of Contents
  • Action Buttons
  • Notes And Notes Pages
  • PPT Prints Handouts
  • Word Handouts From PPT
  • Custom Shows
  • Save As A Show
  • Email Your File
  • Save As Video

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