PowerPoint Psychology

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Who it's for:  Everyone who uses Microsoft PowerPoint. This is the class that everyone needs.

What it is:  This class is not just about using PowerPoint, it's about using it well! Armed with this information, your PowerPoint presentations will be the envy of the office. Most people make really bad presentations (you’ve seen them). This course focuses on avoiding mistakes, creating content that works for you, and learning design methodology. It focuses on the “why” of PowerPoint as well as the “how.” Plus, it’s fun.

What you'll learn:  In this course, you will learn (and put into practice) psychology-based PowerPoint strategies and techniques, well beyond the normal ones you may have heard. You’ll learn rule-based concepts that will make your presentations better looking, more engaging, and more successful.  

PowerPoint Psychology

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  • Introduction
  • The Bad
  • PowerPoint as Notes
  • Using Handouts
  • Send Me the PowerPoint
  • Displaying Data
  • What PowerPoint's Good For
  • One Point Per Slide
  • Bullets
  • Remember This
  • Presenter View
  • Feeling
  • Images For Feeling
  • Blank Background
  • Full Frame Pictures
  • Advanced Images
  • Slide Transitions
  • Clean Design
  • Themes
  • Proximity
  • Text Size
  • Alignment
  • Guideline Wrap Up

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